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Sacred Heart Meditation P1

Please find a quiet place in your home or sacred space,

When you are ready I would like you to take three deep breaths

filling your tummy and then your lungs. As you breath in slowly I would like you to say

I am peace


I am love 

i am love

I am joy


I would like to invite you

to imagine

that you are placing your hand on your heart

Your divine heart.

divine heart

Take a moment to feel the texture of your garments as you rest your hand.

Feel the warmth grow around your heart


When you are ready

I would like you to remove your hand and in your imagination

look at the glowing flame that is sitting on your hand.


Notice the colors.

Notice how the flame sits on your hand.

Feel the warmth on your hand.

three fold flame

When you are ready I would like you to blow on your flame


I love you.

Fire Buddha

Your flame likes to be told that it is loved.

Watch how it expands on your hand.

Notice who it shines & glistens like the sun.

When you are ready place your hand back on your heart.

Feel as your flame expands throughout your body.

However it feels is right for you.

Notice as it fills every atom, and the spaces in between.

Expanding in to your auric field

until you become your flame.


As you gently breath in

There is no past 


There is no future


Just this moment


One moment at a time

With each breath

All is peace

All is calm



By accepting the spirit of others.


Giving reverence

  to the one living god…

You accept the truth of your own spirit!


 One day all hosts on Mother Earth will know freedom!

Towards the glory of our living God

A torch of light that burns so bright

Out from the darkness

It leads the way

Showered with flowers

Rivers of light

sparkles and sparkles

Of rainbow light

As your love leads the way

To the Glory of our living God

Any one can Love

Ganesha Loves

Our Living god

Is God of the living

If he is real you can walk to him

But only the brave of heart

Can venture

Down this path

Allow our living God

to replace the





Can you find the god given courage

Young Warrior


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God’s Spirals

Lured by sweet fragrance

& the warmth of velvet petals

Our hearts answer the rose

calling in depth of recognition

of its supple kinship in looks



with our hearts,






Light unfurls from

the cosmos

of unordained origin

of original life force of creation…

Freely floating for us all

we feel its invisible to our

naked eye presence

bathing us

lavishly with hope whispering


Hope in creation

& faith in our creator

as we are

replicas of essence:





All of humanity’s birth…





of sparks of divine

tempestuous storms

of exacting expressions

of Elijah ~

Yaweh’s passion plays’ cathars…

we symbolise

yet conflict

with the flow of what is actually

us in all without division

yet ripe with the divine 

Ancient beginnings

of lustrous growth


with the universe

through galaxy’s of time

Golden ratios in ratio with



all that is blessed


all that is divine:

We are We

Held in the womb of life

nourished by anonymous

elements given letter values

by our inspiring minds

from a language

emulating the original

voices of God

which cannot be separated

from the birth of all


from the birth of everywhere

Rock of Ages spiraling

through time



to remind us

of our beginnings…

anchoring us

in definite roots to all.

from the smallest structures

of essence in spirals

of illustrative variation

unique divinity

from the palette of God

We are each his divine

Universe complete


total design

brimming with variation

in uniqueness


in glory:





the breeze of floral pollen




anew each time.


Your Faith 



In our living god 

Is reflected 




Let your presence 

Be my testament 

Set humanity free!!!

republic of Korea

Self Belief

Calling on arch Angel


Who works on the violet ray of 


Aiding one on a path


Tolerances and forgiveness


It takes Bravery and an open heart to take down barriers and show ones humanity

Becoming aware of our defense mechanisms 

 realizing that these 

Mechanisms have not served us thus far 

Opens the door to the heart 

Allowing the bravery

Of the 

 spiritual warrior to come forth 


Inner Peace 

When the warrior finds serenity 

Calmness of mind 

life becomes smooth and flows inline with our creators plan 


We have no power 

All things happen in divine time 

Drama surrounds us all 

The wise  warrior chooses what drama to play in

Some times doing nothing

Allows for lower forms of energy/drama

That serve no one

To play out 

I am serene and still 

That’s power 


Believe that you deserve the best 

Because you do 

Give love and you will receive love 

Give peace and you will receive peace 

I AM ready for Abundance

To flow

Into all areas

 Of my life 

My country 




goddess wisdom

So much wisdom surrounds you….

Can you hear?

oh rose of the goddess!

“your wisdom is

the bringer of joy!”

fill our hearts with tales of your heart

Oh goddess of wisdom!

Can you hear?

Dance to your goddess 

let your heart fly!


Let the whispers of your heart soar!

To heights the mind can never go!

For your truth lies with in your heart!

Whispers that have been calling you

Before you knew!!!

Oh knight of Divine love!

Express your hearts Desire!

You don’t need to know how to spell, you don’t need to know how to read!

Be my Defender!

In your heart! A heart I gave you!

And I will defend you! 

For my armies will walk beside you!

So many of my children have expressed memories

Unknown to them!

Of the truth of who they are!


The great eagle sees further than the human eye!


Let the whispers lead you to the lands of your dreams!









Analogy of love, The path.

The Ego

When we ask our Heavenly Father to aid us on the road to awareness

Whether or not one knows it is the road to the divine heart…

intent for asking this is important!

Service to our living God

is the intent!

Our living God knows your Heart!

Individuals can fool others, But you can’t fool our living God.

With The aid of our Heavenly Father

A path to stepping off the hamster wheel is laid before you

One can not ascend on ones’ own!

To try ascending by yourself brings dangers to ones’ life in the form

of entities and can have

effects on ones’ eternal soul

God knows your heart… even if you do not!

Your peers will try to stop you!

When in the Hamster wheel!

Ethereal  forces that influence us ALL.

You’re in ego they shout from the place of the ego!


 The comments come from FEAR –

A fear that all on the hamster wheel share –

A fear that supports one another –

individuals influenced by ethereal forces can and will be nasty!

Go away they will shout!

Spiritual they say they are!

Some will even sit on spiritual committees!

Or run spiritual magazines!

For gossip is the tool!

But you were born to be great!

They do not see the Guiding hand of God!

As you walk the path to your Heart!

your life times will come to your present…

To Aid you in the knowing

Of who you truly are!

The hamster wheel continues to roll

Some will try to capitalize on the heart of others!

As they can not walk the path!

They forget their soul is eternal and there is a price to be paid!

For god knows your heart!

But for you it will not matter

At times

be cautious for your wheel is not far behind….

but the knowing of your heart AND

with the love of our Heavenly Father

you will continue to grow in his love for all!

There is a reason the path is for the brave of heart….

There is a reason when you step on to the path

your spirit is dressed in the armour of God!

Are you brave enough to let your lion roar!