Archive | June 2012

The Many Faces of Ego

Are far to base to be benign.

Far too pompous to be sublime.

Enslaving some of the best spiritual warriors

whose eyes now glow with the wrong light

Made up of Earthly impulses

transformed only through ‘prayer’.

Gentle sweet Angelic Love

Heaven’s vortex of Holy Spirit

healing Light can purify all

Into gracefull LOVE…

Adoring the Sacred Feminine

in all of her divine… 

Nourishing the Sacred Masculine

in all his divine…   

softening man’s anger….

softening woman’s anger too

as they are equal in gifts of each other

differences balancing each other

 Sacred Compliments of a perfect fit

birthing all that is of Heaven…

Christ’s love is so very Mystic…


 Most people who love Christ are scared of the mystic….

Most who love the mystic are scared of


The dividing line between spirituality and the great I am!

The dividing line between religion and the great I Am…

cross the line…

Who do you listen to?


Floating free you are divine 

Dancing with the light…

Landing lightly so feather soft

Picture perfect mirror…

of each others miracles

gently landing near…

Twin Souls II

I know you’re there~

I hear you whisper….

with every breath


flutter of my heart

Towards the glory of our living God

A torch of light that burns so bright

Out from the darkness

It leads the way

Showered with flowers

Rivers of light

sparkles and sparkles

Of rainbow light

As your love leads the way

To the Glory of our living God

Still Your Thoughts

With a Quiet Mind

Allowing the Divine Light

of ‘Heaven’ to Bless You

Be Still & Quiet: Hear the whispers of

The Universe instead of Man’s chatter

You are a Flower of The Sun

with your ‘knowing & instinct’

a smarter brain than thoughts

Connected to ‘Heaven’ ‘s Light & Love

Blessing Your Home on Earth

With All the Gifts of the Son.

The Mother.

The Father.

The Spirit.

Your Spirit Divine

Sitting here feeling forlorn

as the world turns

Hold on with Faith & Hope

Always seeing the Ladder to Light ~

The Way from the darkness of Fear

Glorious Blessings of Transformation

from Spirit Divine

Kissing us as the sun kisses

a velvet scented flower to warm its honey

Lifting our spirits to

the realm of Soul Divine

Always there just waiting to give us Hope

~ Love, Courage & Help is always there ~