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Sacred Heart Meditation P1

Please find a quiet place in your home or sacred space,

When you are ready I would like you to take three deep breaths

filling your tummy and then your lungs. As you breath in slowly I would like you to say

I am peace


I am love 

i am love

I am joy


I would like to invite you

to imagine

that you are placing your hand on your heart

Your divine heart.

divine heart

Take a moment to feel the texture of your garments as you rest your hand.

Feel the warmth grow around your heart


When you are ready

I would like you to remove your hand and in your imagination

look at the glowing flame that is sitting on your hand.


Notice the colors.

Notice how the flame sits on your hand.

Feel the warmth on your hand.

three fold flame

When you are ready I would like you to blow on your flame


I love you.

Fire Buddha

Your flame likes to be told that it is loved.

Watch how it expands on your hand.

Notice who it shines & glistens like the sun.

When you are ready place your hand back on your heart.

Feel as your flame expands throughout your body.

However it feels is right for you.

Notice as it fills every atom, and the spaces in between.

Expanding in to your auric field

until you become your flame.


As you gently breath in

There is no past 


There is no future


Just this moment


One moment at a time

With each breath

All is peace

All is calm


United Kingdom

The path to your divine heart


New doors open to a greater understanding of self,

to a greater understanding

of our place in the universe.

Where all hearts are equal!

Sharing the one

Divine Heart

with our


Calling on Archangel


Working on the white ray of purification

& will transmute all unhealthy


About oneself


about others.

Thoughts that only serve to take you away from your

Divine Heart.

From the beauty you have inside ~

Beauty that has been tucked away.

Masked by the pains, hurts 


hidden emotional scars

of life. 

 Your soul is old and wise:

the constraints of the ego

will not hold it

any longer.

Becoming aware and having the courage

to follow

your divine heart!

Will free you

from the inequality

modern societies

would have you believe

is right!

Frees you

from the 



the illusion

of paper money.

where only a select few benefit.


to oneself

opens your heart

to the beauty you have inside.

Kindness melts away hostility.

By being kind to oneself,

is acknowledgement

of who you truly are

as an individual,


a Nation.

The bravery of a single individual 

to take the step towards love…

Towards your eternal spirit!

To come out of the darkness 

By releasing all fears and angers

that separate one from there eternal Spirit

can & will change all around you!

Seeking the joy in life!

Frees your spirit!


allows for the virtue of


To fill your every Breath

for each

Breath is a bestowed



 allows for new


prosperity that is not limited to 

monitory Value


allows the Universe

to bring new adventures

where all of a nation

can benefit! 

Drama surrounds all individuals



Whether or not one plays in the drama!

Drama comes from an unhealthy EGO 

based on the pains and hurts of old.

You are not your father’s Father!

Choose for the greater good of oneself

 Your Nation.

LOVE is the only way

Christ’s love is so very Mystic…


 Most people who love Christ are scared of the mystic….

Most who love the mystic are scared of


The dividing line between spirituality and the great I am!

The dividing line between religion and the great I Am…

cross the line…

Who do you listen to?

Towards the glory of our living God

A torch of light that burns so bright

Out from the darkness

It leads the way

Showered with flowers

Rivers of light

sparkles and sparkles

Of rainbow light

As your love leads the way

To the Glory of our living God

Peppermint Dreams

Peppermint Dreams, am I the only one?

swirls of light ascend to heaven

filled with the hope of dreams once had.

I played, I danced,

but was I truly free?

filled with the love of peppermint dreams

my life was the adventure

I dreamed, we laughed

our imaginations flew in swirls of light

As our dreams ascended to heaven

To the pure delight of love above

Peppermint dreams that I once had

Did I really sell my dreams of life? 

My place in the garden of love?

Or have my dreams been stolen from me?

Am I surrounded with toxic misery? 

Do I want my innocence Back?

I came here to learn, but now I choose to teach!

With the help of Heaven up above

In the field of dreams 

where the one

heart Beats

The never ending sound of the love inside!




Help me Change!

To the light of love




Call on 

Archangel Uriel 

Brings the ray of Salvation,

Unconditional forgiveness


Releases painful memories of the past.

Uriel is signified by the color ray of

gold, purple with ruby flecks…

“God is my light”

Uriel also holds the key to the pit.

He offers humanity’s path to oneness ~

in turn you are invited to share his teachings with others

So all may know the peace and love of our heavenly Father

reach out with your heart 

To feel what only the LOVE you have inside 

can know as truth ~

The truth of who you are ~

God’s Children.

Reach out with your heart

Build that bridge to what is real

know the grace 

of our living

Divine Mother Maria

 Go where the heart can only go 

know the love that 



With every breath 

Feel his peace.

Build the bridge 


your heart divine 

to heaven’s

Heart divine 

Build a bridge to what is real


you will know 


Call on

Archangel Gabriel

who works on the white ray of grace and purification.

Archangel Gabriel 

Will aid you in the task of releasing

fears & burdens  

of the Heart ~

for a heavy heart can not cross the bridge to life.

Allow Archangel Gabriel 

to fill your soul with





With hope anything is possible.

Decide clearly what it is you want


Have Faith.

Our living God will provide –

Seek through your heart 


you will find me……

plead for Heaven’s Help

have patience for the hand of God

to reach down for your assistance

during these troubled times.

Heaven is always here…

as sure as our world turns.

Know without a doubt that this is true.



the sacred journey of life

yields many choices,

choosing the greatest good

of a people

brings unification.

Walk with me and life really is this easy…

The living

Lord Ganesha

wants to help you!

Cry to me your pains

Release to me

your fears




as many of you know me

as a heavenly son

will raise you up in heavenly glory

Release to me

thought patterns of old:

Thoughts that are unhealthy to you

as a collective



Help me help you

know the wisdom of your soul.

Many lifetimes we have shared…

I know the truth of who you are!

Ask me and I will show you.

Listen to your heart



waiting for each loved soul to ask for



removes stress on a confused mind!

Lightens our hearts!

Removes karma

that does not serve you!

Karma you do not know you are in

until you are brave enough

to step out of it.

Truth sets you free…

Free to love.

What is real?

The great I AM

with every breath ~

Breathe in the light of love


be equal.

 My heart 


filled with the flame of love 


He came to lead the way

His teachings

Very simple…

one word


of the one

Living God

A God that surrounds us

a living God that is within us all

for each of us has a divine heart ~

Seek & you will find

The living God

inside you

The Holy Grail


Holy Grail

The lord of lords led the way!

He died because we sinned in

not following the word given to him to teach us.

Why won’t you follow




Serving the one

living God



Let our Holy Father teach you your Divine purpose.

Ask and it is given

United States of America

“Defining a nation” 

Being the pioneers of love 

The road to the ultimate self 

Pioneers of freedom and liberty 

For all

Are children of a living god 

Under great duress

The brave have the ability

To show mercy

Angels come to aid us all in the  virtue of Mercy 

This requires us all to forgive 

Forgiveness of brother to brother  

Forgiveness of state to state 

forgiveness of nation to nation 

Forgiveness  starts

With the forgiveness of self  

See the good inside one’s self &

you will see the good in others.

Offer your pains and difficulties

to heaven up above  

To aid in this task

Forgiveness frees the soul

of a


Each soul has been

given the gift of love 


The freedom of choice 

To use it or not 

“There are no excuses”


For the highest good of a nation 

Eliminates the desire of the ego to win 

No endeavors of cooperation goes unrewarded


promotes Peace & Harmony 

Among men

Among women

Among States 

Among Nations

Facing a life with Adventure

Seeing life through the eyes of a child 

Means letting Go of past learned behavior 

Behaviors that are not needed anymore  

Explore and delight at the

wonders of a great nation & great world 

Like a child explores the Garden 

With out fear


Opens the door for the universe

to shower you with more gifts 

Gratitude is the virtue of virtues 

 I give thanks


Every breath I have 

connecting with the land 

Connecting with the

ancient wisdom’s of many cultures 

Spending time with family and friends 

Develops the family unit 

solidifies & Heals a nation 

clears a cluttered mind

Develops the divine heart all have 

Allows for emotional Healing

Brings in new visions

New directions

For All to 


And above all

Brings in self awareness 

For a people

Under the one living God


leads the way

The wonder of you

From a heart…




Heaven hears the

Hearts prayers 

With the flick of a wrist



Heavenly love 

Explosion of light

Of  a love

That’s deep inside 

Soon we learn

Our love is for all

A mission 

One heart to ignite the

Sacred Heart

Of All

As you journey

To the land

Of all you can be  

Dance to the truth

Of who you are 

For many will join you

In the forest of love

Dream your dreams


 you will see

Your reality

Appear before your eyes