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Healing Path

Your spirit Has no bounds 

Dare to dream

Let your imagination fly 

Heal the world like a marble in your hand 

Yes you can!

Any one can Love

Ganesha Loves

Our Living god

Is God of the living

If he is real you can walk to him

But only the brave of heart

Can venture

Down this path

Allow our living God

to replace the





Can you find the god given courage

Young Warrior


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the sacred journey of life

yields many choices,

choosing the greatest good

of a people

brings unification.

Walk with me and life really is this easy…

The living

Lord Ganesha

wants to help you!

Cry to me your pains

Release to me

your fears




as many of you know me

as a heavenly son

will raise you up in heavenly glory

Release to me

thought patterns of old:

Thoughts that are unhealthy to you

as a collective



Help me help you

know the wisdom of your soul.

Many lifetimes we have shared…

I know the truth of who you are!

Ask me and I will show you.

Listen to your heart



waiting for each loved soul to ask for



removes stress on a confused mind!

Lightens our hearts!

Removes karma

that does not serve you!

Karma you do not know you are in

until you are brave enough

to step out of it.

Truth sets you free…

Free to love.

What is real?

The great I AM

with every breath ~

Breathe in the light of love


be equal.

 My heart 


filled with the flame of love 


Let the whispers of your heart soar!

To heights the mind can never go!

For your truth lies with in your heart!

Whispers that have been calling you

Before you knew!!!

Oh knight of Divine love!

Express your hearts Desire!

You don’t need to know how to spell, you don’t need to know how to read!

Be my Defender!

In your heart! A heart I gave you!

And I will defend you! 

For my armies will walk beside you!

So many of my children have expressed memories

Unknown to them!

Of the truth of who they are!


The great eagle sees further than the human eye!


Let the whispers lead you to the lands of your dreams!









Laughing in the knowing!

Find comfort in your laugh 

Letting all worries go by.

In the knowing our god is with us. 

As Real as Real can be!

Bless you lord Buddha

And lord Krishna too. 

Bless you lord Ganesha

you continue to clear the way

Bless you lord Yeshua

you gave you life for our sins

Bless my brothers and sisters

 All the unnamed lords too!

for your strength

To stay true!

I offer this flower my family

As a token of my intent!

To walk the path, You showed the way!

To the arms of our heavenly father!

Winds of love

The wind of love surrounds me. 

Your ever lasting breath.

Washing my woes away.

I feel you my heavenly father.



With acceptance and Gratitude




I thank you for my breath.



my untainted connection to your love. 



With every breath you fill me my father.




I’m Grateful there is no escape.


You surround me my heavenly father.

For each step I take, 

I step in to your love.


For my heart knows no other way.


“Breath of life I bow to you”


My heart soul mind and body belong to you.

I Love You.

Self Love

Ganapati By Gretchen del Rio

Sparkle and shine

with the strength and

grace gifted to you.  

A clear path awaits you

on your journey of self love.


stunning watercolours: