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Unify a Nation 

Arch Angel



First Step 

“I AM More Than I (Think) I am”

My Spirit 



If I choose it to be!

Self Forgiveness 

I live in a world

where people project their




“Project how they would handle a situation in life”

I am not my Father’s Father 

I Am Free To Choose the path of my spirit 

or the path of my mind 

The path of my


Is Love 

The path of my mind 

is damaging to my eternal spirit.

On Earth as in Heaven 

Riddle me this:

Do you want 

the dreams

of your eternal





To wrap oneself in an  illusion 

that takes parent away from child

& separates husband from wife  

to pay for a roof…

 A roof that 

is the birth right 

of every soul born

from a living

~ God ~

To sell one’s soul 

sell one’s Happiness

sell one’s own dreams 

to feed the illusion of the mind –

an illusion that has but a few kings…

Oh loyal subjects to

paper money –

 How proud 

are the kings 



mind –

under the one ruler?

Have you forgotten 

your soul



or that your spirit lives on

in the world

of your creation?

Riddle me this:

Will it take 


To set the slaves




Connect Your Wisdom


Call on

Archangel Jophiel

Who draws wisdom from source. 

To Aid in this time 




Transition from the


& the thinking mind

Which leads to destruction and hard ship for all.

Instead use your eternal spirit



that leads to




Prosperity for all 


can mean showing a vulnerable side

a vulnerability that all nations have

but only the brave leaders of this world can show

their vulnerable side

By being honest

speaking our truth

reflects in our presence…

 Leading all to see true soulful leadership

Honesty & Vulnerability

Is the mark of great leadership

Armed with the tool’s of






Power struggles



No Act of cooperation



Celebrate Life

Celebrate the culture of a great nation

This brings


This brings Peace

among people

This unifies a people

Seek the joy in life 

Joy in life will seek you 



Divine Mother

‘It is time to shine deep love light

in our universe without limits…

be the light…’



 old patterns of thought:


Patterns that have not served you,

patterns woven

to mask your beauty inside.’

‘My beautiful children 

I see & feel your Heart ~

your passion for life ~

All that is hidden from your view: 

especially your strength in love.’

‘It is time to shine beautiful souls

for a nation

venturing forth’

‘in spiritual understanding,’


‘spiritual awareness


spiritual growth.’

Heaven suggests calling on

Archangel Raphael


Ask Raphael for aid in recovery~

The healing of a Nation.

Ask Raphael for Abundance of all:

health care

spiritual truth

freedom from oppression

steadfast & secure financial protection.

Raphael also protects travelers. 

Call on him

as you travel the path of the heart –

the path of your culture,

the path of your passion, 

the path of the brave of soul.

Rejoice in your protection.


Seek the wonder in every day. 

Attract Heavenly Angels 

who are drawn to you by

your laughter. 

Laughter heals the body,

heals the soul 


heals the mind.

Laughter clears

denser energies


allows for the new

to enter your life’s 


Spiritual growth =

a series of cycles: 

letting go of all

that does not serve

while welcoming the new ~ 

Detaching from negative density


new situations 

new partnerships

new innovations

new birth

that breathes abundance

into all areas of humanity

through peaceful progress


astounding faith in the divine.

Free the soul of  your people :

Free the spirit of your Nation.

When our hearts align

with God…

Heaven’s Matrix Divine

sends profound help~

Thousands &


of Heavenly Angels.

Angels sent to bless you


Angels sent to protect you…

Be still of heart,

be quiet of mind

& know that you are mine.


The Most Magnificent You

Deep down in the depths of your soul….

Lays the mystery & knowing of Miracles…

Ready to give birth…

to the most magnificent you…

Love Each Other

Let LOVE embrace you…

Gently open your heart’s petals….

to the sunshine of your love…

Love each other…

as Love nourishes all.

Good Morning World

Good morning world!

Thank You for all you show me today….

& the miracles you bring.

Love Blessings

When our  Hearts shine with love light

we shine Love Blessings of Truth,

Hope  & Faith on all…

Remember to turn your heart light on…

Think  LOVE.

Defender of the faith

To be a defender of Faith, 

For your spirit to be dressed

in the garments of spiritual battle… 

One must have the presence of

a living God in one’s heart….

You could become

the defender of a holy book…. 

Or a religion…

But with out the presence of

our living God in your heart  

the exercise is futile.

United States of America

“Defining a nation” 

Being the pioneers of love 

The road to the ultimate self 

Pioneers of freedom and liberty 

For all

Are children of a living god 

Under great duress

The brave have the ability

To show mercy

Angels come to aid us all in the  virtue of Mercy 

This requires us all to forgive 

Forgiveness of brother to brother  

Forgiveness of state to state 

forgiveness of nation to nation 

Forgiveness  starts

With the forgiveness of self  

See the good inside one’s self &

you will see the good in others.

Offer your pains and difficulties

to heaven up above  

To aid in this task

Forgiveness frees the soul

of a


Each soul has been

given the gift of love 


The freedom of choice 

To use it or not 

“There are no excuses”


For the highest good of a nation 

Eliminates the desire of the ego to win 

No endeavors of cooperation goes unrewarded


promotes Peace & Harmony 

Among men

Among women

Among States 

Among Nations

Facing a life with Adventure

Seeing life through the eyes of a child 

Means letting Go of past learned behavior 

Behaviors that are not needed anymore  

Explore and delight at the

wonders of a great nation & great world 

Like a child explores the Garden 

With out fear


Opens the door for the universe

to shower you with more gifts 

Gratitude is the virtue of virtues 

 I give thanks


Every breath I have 

connecting with the land 

Connecting with the

ancient wisdom’s of many cultures 

Spending time with family and friends 

Develops the family unit 

solidifies & Heals a nation 

clears a cluttered mind

Develops the divine heart all have 

Allows for emotional Healing

Brings in new visions

New directions

For All to 


And above all

Brings in self awareness 

For a people

Under the one living God


leads the way