Divine Guidance Gallery I

Archangel Michael ~ Defend us with your LOVE & LIGHT


A Work in Progress: Compilation of channeled posts over 6 months

Join your HEARTS to complete the divine spirals of LOVE

Angelic Shaman ♥ Re-Connecting Heaven & Earth ♥

Compassion softens our hearts and lets the LOVE flow through our entire being

Breathe LOVE ~ Think LOVE ~ Be LOVE ~ Watch the Miracles Appear in your life

At every moment one is given the opportunity to create good karma by aligning ones self with god. Do it for you!

By allowing Divine Light to purify any past issues of pain we can let go & heal ~ sometimes the Angels purify us in our sleep and we process inner child hurt thru dreams ~ Sleep & dream ~ heal & become whole ~ You are LOVED ~ You are Love to many ~

♥ Tree of life, love & nurturing ♥

*~ ♥ We all smile in the same language with the same heart ~ and the best news is............ smiles are contagious ♥ ~ *

~ * ♥ Silver Light of the Spirit Realm of Divine Light is calling you to work with it ~ Silver strengthens immunity in our physical body, it is the Ray of Grace & Harmony and Archangel Zadkiel ~ Silver softens all and mixes with Violet & Gold to bring feminine dynamics to all ~ By exploring our Sacred Divine Feminine side we help both male & female merge within ourselves but also amidst humanity ~ SHINE! ♥ ~ *

The answer is was and always will be love ♥ Now ask a question?

* ~ You are Divine & Blessed with Heavenly Light ~ Think LOVE with every breath in and LOVE with every breath out ~ Be LOVE ~ Help transform many ~ *

*~ ♥ You are perfect & created to receive and send Divine Light from Heaven helping create Harmony of the Spheres ♥ When you pray your spirit/soul attaches firmly to Heaven's Light as it flows thru you and others ♥ ~ *

*~ Archangel Uriel & Archaei Aurora ~ Archangel Guardians of Idealism & Devotion ~ Twin Flames ~ Created from same Spark of Divinity ~*

*~ ♥ Divine Love & Light can be found where ever you are ~ Ask and thou shall receive in abundance ~ Believe, Trust, Accept ~ You are divine ♥ ~*

*~ ♥ Light and Water are fluid molding and shaping around all denser energy on Earth ~ washing, transforming, sculpting our shapes as in Heaven ~ As above so below ♥ ~*

Love is an oasis in the parchment of Fear

*~ Your innovation with Natural sources pleases Mother Earth & Heaven very much ~ Solar Panels, Solar Lights, Solar everything can help you and Us all ~ The Angels guide you with your work ♥ ~ *

*~ ♥ Reflections of LIGHT sometimes come from the most surprising places ~ gorgeous gifts from creator meant to surprise us with DIVINE glory ~ Your Spirit is a glistening array of Heaven's Light reflecting LOVE to many ♥ ~ *

*~ ♥ Dearest Lightworker ~ Your presence on Earth has helped so many on ascension paths to understand LIGHT in it's many forms & your assistance is greatly appreciated in the Highest Realms ~ Thank You! filled with gratitude & LOVE ~ The Angels ♥ ~*

*~ ♥ Wheels of Light show our many parts coming into union as a whole of Divinity ~ Complete full circles ~ The Spheres ~ Harmonious & perfect ~ accept all of yourself to harmonise~become complete ~ an image of the Universal Creation that you are ♥ ~ *

~ The more we all send out loving thoughts the more LOVE is created in waves of Light penetrating all on EARTH ~ Love from all Warriors of Love & Light ♥ ~ *

*~ ♥ Feeling unconditional LOVE for all allows your own heart to shine and opens you a a true channel of LOVE for others ~ We are all unique and the ability to see likeness thru difference is HEAVENly ~ Keep LOVING ♥ ~ *

* ~ ♥ The Angels say you are an Angel here on Earth ~ full of LIGHT & Instinct on how to help others ~ ♥ Angels thank you for your love ♥ ~ *

*~ ♥ A bright & loving HEART gifts so much light & insight to the depth of darkness where it can illuminate hidden jewels ♥ Breathe Love with every breath, YOU ARE A GIFT ♥

*~ ♥ While searching through the depth of our souls, dreamwork while we sleep helps enlighten us to travel on our path ~ Allow your dreams to gently bring you what you search for ♥ ~*

Let your HEART be like a dream catcher in the sun & sky

*~ ♥ Spirals of Divine Energy & Divine Light deliver the energy of LOVE ~ By letting the Divine Love enter your heart you help spread the message of LOVE & connect others to the healing frequency ♥ ~*

Open your HEARTS to the divine light of HEAVEN ~ be connected ~ fly with us ~ Archangels

'Below as Above, Above as Below, Heaven on Earth, Earth in Heaven ~ Breathe LOVE ~ Feel Safe~ Be Courage Divine ~ 20,000 Angels of Love & Light for EACH and EVERYONE of you' ~ Blessings from HEAVEN ~

'Daughters Divine alight your HEARTS with the fire of HEAVEN in your SOUL, be the GODDESSES in GOD's PALM held fast ~ Transform all darkness with the LIGHT of your spirit ~ so special & unique ~ Divine Mother's Likeness' ~ MM

*~ ♥ By allowing HOPE & FAITH into our hearts we open windows to the I AM reality where miracles occur for all in rapid succession ~ Miracles become a perpetual occurence instead of a rarity ♥ Be the MIRACLE that you are ~ Believe ♥ ~*

*~ Blessed thoughts are heard by the Angels and become your dreams ~ Think of what you want and not of what you don't want so that your thoughts become a continuous prayer to the Divine of what your Dreams are ~ ~ They will help you along your path to manifest miracles in your life ~ *

Our hands are never helpless as we all can spread Heaven's Light

♥ as you awaken to the universal mind, it is important to take time for you, and ground...♥ what you are feeling and seeing is the truth! Breath ♥ with every breath let it be love ♥

♥ Nature and Ancient Learnings have provided us all with Universal tones that transform dense energy with their frequency or vibration ♥ Hear the Heart Beat of Earth and Humanity within us all ♥ Your footsteps are divinely guided with purpose ♥

♥ During times of stress learning to preserve your DIVINE energy in an even flow takes practice ♥ Ancients preserved this knowledge & Angels are always glad to assist you when you ask ♥ By placing your forefinger and thumb together encircled helps us retain our energy flow & shield off incoming negative energy that sometimes surrounds us ~ ♥ You are guided ♥

Father please forgive the flaws I see in myself. I know they are not real ♥

Freedom comes from knowing & trusting that we are attached to Divine Light, light that can change all

Divine Intervention is a gift to us all ~ we each possess our own Divine access to Heavenly Light ♥ In the palm of our hands ♥

All images used with permission

All Captions channeled by AngelsLightWorldwide @ 2011 copyright Nevada, USA & Ireland

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