Divine Guidance Gallery III

♥ During lulls on our path thru life it is sometimes challenging to see the brighter aspects around us but they are always there if we focus on the good, beautiful & miraculous ~ Be like a sunflower turning your face & smile to the sunny side of life ~ this allows more divine light into our spirit where miracles transform all heaviness ~*

♥ When we first awaken to our spiritual ascension it can feel slightly fracturing until we get used to containing and spreading the light ~ Just as Angels and Birds learn to fly, so do we ~ practice makes perfect ~ Keep on accepting and guiding the Divine Light bestowed on you ♥ ~ *

*~ ♥ ~ Your draw to nature and light is a call to heal and meditate with the energies of EARTH JEWEL vibration of trees, sunlight & water ~ in nature you will reconnect and then deliver this serenity to all that you know ~ Divine Inspiration is yours ~ Accept the LOVE & LIGHT pouring into your soul now ♥ ~ *

Eyes are windows to our souls ~ "You shall see the Christ Light in each others eyes" ~ Yeshua thru Aurora September 2011

♥ May the light of Heaven wash thru you and saturate every atom of your being ♥ Your Heart is pure and full of LOVE ♥

*~ ♥ We are all part of the Divine's glorious Dream woven intricately throughout Earth & Heaven ♥ May your dreams weave a path of LIGHT for you catching only LOVE ♥

Each our souls are a perfect diagram of the Holy Spirit awaiting to be observed, acknowledged & accepted in FAITH ~ Align yourselves with the LOVE & HOLY SPIRIT ~ we are waiting in supreme devotion to you ♥

♥ Love opens me to be a channel of Divine Mother's LIGHT onto Gaia our beloved Earth ♥ Love opens us all to be channels of Heavenly Light ♥ Open your Hearts

Blue & Gold Sacred Heart Blessings - Eternal Love & Divine Guidance from Heaven

♥ Dreams ♥


How energy looks when twin flames join in blessings & meditation ♥

♥ Celestial LOVE reaches us all through channels of light and thru each other ♥ We pass LOVE on with smiles Kindness & unconditional LOVE ♥

Blessings of LOVE & LIGHT are in abundance for everyone ♥ when we choose to feel love or the loving thought over doubt we open the way for many aspects of divinity to work through us ♥ You are LOVE ♥

Prayer ~ Sometimes we have nothing to say ♥ Which is great as Heaven hears our yearnings ♥ So go to your sacred space - just be! BE in the presence! Let your heart just be in the love! No words are needed as our father knows you. The peace of his love will fill you. No words needed - your heart talks for you...

*~ Your creativity is an inspiration ~ Gentle creations of love & sacred whispers embroider your soul ~ You are cherished by the Angels ~ * — painting at castellanoart.com . castelloart

*~ You are a beautiful soul flowing like golden light to others around you ~ Troubles seem to fade away while in your company ~ part of your sacred presence is your ablity to flow with the divine and not resist ~ Keep flowing and filing with divine light ~ *

*~ ♥ ~ The Beauty of Divine Light is reflected in your soul ~ Laughing with your inner child helps others see their own beauty ~ Keep shining ♥ ~*

*~ ♥ ~ Your PURE heart is a natural conduit for Divine Love as we all can be ~ others learn to receive from your example of kindness ♥ ~ *

*~ ♥ You shine so very bright for others & your smile is contagious ♥ May abundance of Divine Light fill your being to share with others ♥ *~

*~ ♥ ~ By allowing your Divine Sacred Feminine to illumine you help light the way for many others on a Sacred Path ~ You are beautiful inside & out ♥ ~* Keep shining!!!

*~ ♥ ~ May your search for attachment to the Divine be filled with spiritual passion for Heaven, light and grounded Earth energies ♥ Your ascension is quickening with a glorious reconnection to Heavenly Spheres ♥ You are Divine ♥ ~*

*~ ♥ Your new vision of EARTH EMBRACE helps you realise that you are a LIGHT in the darkness ♥ Spiritual passion ignites your heart ♥ SHINE!!!! ♥

‎ *~ Your friendship & love to others in your life has your soul shining bright and full of joyous colors ~ when our Hearts are filled with Gratitude they shine within & without touching all we know with LOVE ~ *

♥ Your soul is divinely rich, embedded with age old patterns that allow the Divine Light thru to create BEAUTY for all that know you ♥ We are all masterpieces of HEAVEN that you so appreciate and recognise ♥

♥ Our dreams come alive when we allow the Divine into our hearts, minds & souls ♥ Allow the golden light of LOVE & DREAMS to create miracles for you ♥ Believe ~ Everything is possible ♥ Shine bright ♥~*

♥ You are a bright soul that intuitively understands many mysteries of the DIVINE ~ LOVE & LIGHT follow you and radiate from your every essence ♥

~ May Archangel Michael always light your path as you journey thru LIFE on earth ~ keeping you safe from all that may distract you from the Divine Light of Heaven ~ May you be a channel of PEACE & LOVE ♥ ~ *

♥ True Love is Sacred & Divine, fills our hearts & souls with laughter & light ~ it also shows us a mirror of qualities we need to accept about ourselves to encourage Self Love & Freedom of spirit so that Heaven may keep refilling us to share across the globe ~ Your True Love is always with you whether you have physically met or not ~ Believe, Accept & Rejoice ♥ ~ *

See the MIRACLES in your life ~ There are many... no matter what ♥

LOVE transforms everything ~ Let it burn bright in your HEARTS

Shield your sight from everything but LOVE

*~ ♥ All of the colourful facets of your HEART Light meet and dance with others' HEART Light ~ The meeting & dance of our hearts creates a contagious LOVE vibration whose symptoms are smiles, joy & gratitude ~ Love vibration opens us to more HEAVENLY love ♥ ~ *

Sacred Heart of Gaia

Sacred Heart of Jesus ♥

Sacred Heart of Mother Mary ♥











































ALL TEXT COPYRIGHT @ 2010 CHANNELED Nevada, USA ~ Ireland ~ Worldwide


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