Divine Guidance Gallery II

Divine Guidance Gallery II (a work in progress)

Browse to feel those that resonate with you ~

* ~ Did you know that you are a bright ray of miraculous light for many in your life? If your heart has forgotten how loved you are the Angels bless you with rememberance of all the love you have shared and that has been shown to you ~ LOVE ENeRGY is never wasted as it exponentially multiplies throughout the universe nourishing all that is good and transforming densities to light ~ Your heart warmth resonates with a Motherly Angel ~ a hands on heart nurse ready to fulfill others with care ~ Much Angel LOVE ♥ ~ *

*~ Lay back and bask in the sunshine of Heaven's LOVE ~ All is perfect ~ Everything is okay ~ You are fine ~*

*~ By being a compassionate soul we are better able to love ourselves ~ By loving ourselves we are able to love others ~ Beacons of light empathically identify with their own compassion for others illuminating dark caverns locked away ~ You help bring the dark to the surface & expose it to the divine sunshine of LOVE & CARE ~ sometimes with a smile, a nod, a wink & good ol' laughter ~ You are appreciated ~*

♥♥♥ May your path be filled with joy! Take the time to look at what you do have. Gratitude allows more to come in to your life, by releasing cords of empty want that hold one to a lower vibration! Look to the people around you that truly are your friends and that truly love you ~ Take time to see all the good you have and know that the changes are good in the long run, ♥ Angels surround you, ♥ We all grow in gratitude! ♥ Waves of LOVE wash over you ~ they see the road ahead!

♥ You are a Beautiful StarLight shining for all you know ♥

*~ ♥ Your spirit is alight with Heavenly Energies of Divine Holy Spirit vortex ~ healing and clearing where ever you go ~ Many of us are experiencing physical ascension symptoms ~ be strong, laugh and know you are not alone and very much LOVED ♥ ~ *

and Divine Father reached down in gentle firmness to his children... ~ *

You are each Divine Father's Beautiful Works ~ Unique, Individual TREEs of LIFE ~ roots deep in Earth, Branches and foliage reaching up and out soaking in Divine Light ~ all different shapes, colours & frequencies ~ admire each other, see each other's uniqueness, bless each other, love one another ~ translate differences into likeness as you are all facets of his likeness & Divine Mother's likeness ~ no more fighting children we LOVE you all ~

Hear the Ancient Wisdom of Heaven speak to you ~ feel it ~ KNOW in your Heart ~ follow its guidance

You are each part of Earth's Ascension ~ Everyone of you Special & Divine ~ Help us lift you all to the return of Heaven ~ The Veil is gone

♥ ♥ When we release all of our burdens to the Divine Light of Heavenly Angels, our heavy burdens are 'lightened' and we allow room for true happiness and joy ♥ Lighten yourself ♥ feel the JOY ♥

*~♥ Most of us do not see energy but we all feel it ♥ If we don't know what is in or around us we may internalize and blame ourselves for ill or heavy feelings also negative thoughts ♥ If we all could learn to double check ourselves with a prayer or request to Heaven to help clear us & make us feel better we all could experience MIRACLES ♥ ~*

Allow the Spirit of Peace, Love, Harmony Fill your every thought, Divine Love your every Breath

Feel the beautiful healing light sent from Heaven warming in your hands ♥

♥ Envision all of your favorite colors as light surrounding you ♥ feel the LOVE and acceptance ♥ ~*

♥ Beautiful light surrounds our hearts and helps the light up with LOVE when we feel unconditional love for others ♥ You are Loved !! ♥

♥ Unconditional Love ♥

All images used by permission

All Captions channeled by AngelsLightWorldwide @ 2011 copyright Nevada, USA & Ireland & Worldwide

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