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On Heaven’s Wing

Awe & Bliss

  Bathe me in your golden breath….

fly me higher & higher….. 


     Heal me of this Fallen Tree with

your Songs of the Angel Choir…


 Carry My prayers  on Heaven’s Wing ~

Pourings of Love & Grace ~

Eternal Love

Lifted high so high by you my love…

a Violet Flame reflecting Love’s face.

~AngelsLightWorldWide @2012

Art work by Janette  Degrasse @ 2011 ~ 2012 

Twin Flames


lovers from beyond time

together since the begining

entwined in each other

they shared all

one takin ones pain

one livin for the other

one dyin for the other

the male/female

together forever

he lives through her

she through him

she slays for him

he sings her melody

together they learn

their soulmates help

them grow 

their love helps them cope

through absence

every life lived is different

some together .. some apart

each to help them grow

and in the end

in their last days

in this mortal realm

they meet again

lovers and companions once more

their passion lights the fires

it rises from the ashes

karma done and gone

they unite again as one

twin flames

twin souls

united in oneness

back to the begining 

where their love

ruled the world 

by Anita Cosgrave

A.R.C. Creations

Heart 2 Heart


Many walk among you now in the garden of your creation.

The tree of knowledge has had it’s day,

one knows then two!

                                                                                                     Soon all will know 

It is we that will set we free! 

For we all share the same truth!

From the tree of life they come! 

brian 1

from the tree of life one day you will come!

no time like the present! 






our Holy father 

gave you 



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Heaven’s Harmony



Divine are they that see

God’s Harmony in ALL.  The Sweetest Fragrance of LOVE 

  Leading to the gateway of humility

And Heaven’s richness of the soul. 

All paintings by Anna Gelbart


My heart soul mind and body belong to you.

I Love You.



May your Ascension be gentle loving & kind…


Spiraling with golden creamy light…

Adorned with friendship…

& Heavenly Love for all.

Angel Kisses


You are loved.

Feel love’s pulse in your Heart.

Trust & know this love is for you.

Take your fill of Love.

May your cup floweth over

quenching others’ thirst.


One Heart Many Minds

Some searching for the truth….

Many minds ~ deep with karma that won’t allow the truth.

From the limitations of its mind  intellect shouts, ‘How dare you be greater than ( I )’ !

Pushing the One Heart Away  with the affirmation of  energy!  Has it got vigor? Only you can say; Sadly returning to rule the day.

Theologians come – psychologists too – Among the array of spiritual they say!

But the one heart speaks and there is nothing they can do!

Still they come to prove the one heart WRONG.

How dare you ascend to be greater than ( I )!!!

Minds speak of ill to the ones that seek ~

Gossip & Innuendo: tools for a prison that needs to be fed!

Many hearts hindered by the thinking mind of intelligence –

An intelligence that pales in the brightness of the heart.

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“Thank you Brian and Aurora!!!! I have hope that there is  Divine purpose for what has been so difficult, and that I am not alone in this journey. I feel more connected, lighter and full of Love. I find it truly amazing that the colors and things you described were so right on or similar to what I was seeing and then to have it explained- THANK YOU!! How wonderfully blessed I feel for having “found” you through your site! You are Amazing Beings here to bring Love and Light and I thank you and your Committee for sharing your gifts with me:)”  LOVE,  E.    USA

I am SO grateful to Aurora and Brian for their ‘Twin Soul Blessing’ I have felt subtle shift after subtle shift ever since. I KNOW now that I am being guided in the most positive ways. My connection with my partner has strengthened DELIGHTFULLY in less than a week since my blessing!

~Arna, Australia

Another Lightworker’s response to our long distance ‘Angelic Crystal Guidance’ ~

“Appreciate you and your gift . Your reading is amazing~ amazing as always….You are so gifted ….. ♥ ♥ ♥love hearts ♥to u. ♥ You amaze me everytime …the quality of your reading is beyond words”

 ~ A. Tamara

Written for us after a 30 minute Long Distance Birthday Blessing

It was the time of my birthday when I received a note about a spiritual blessing. I was told it would be a form of meditation and could happen long distance at an agreed upon time. I was uncertain since I felt I always had trouble meditating in the traditional way, however, I felt I was willing to participate. We agreed to “meet” at 6:00 pm my time. I went out to my barn and I sat in my chair at 5:50 pm and became quiet and tried not to think.

I closed my eyes and was still. All was quiet and it was finally 6:00pm. I stayed quiet and kept my eyes closed and relaxed. The next thing I knew it was 6:40pm and opened my eyes and looked around. I was so relaxed, I couldn’t move. I sat for another 10 minutes before I moved. I got up to walk back to the house and I felt a little shaky, but so relaxed. When I got back to my computer and sat down, I found a short message from Aurora about our session and she said she would write something up and send it to me. I felt very close to them and I felt I had changed in some way. I continued to be so calm and relaxed and in a way felt like a different person. When I think back I feel that my body may have remained in that chair, but I am not so sure I did. I think the three of us somehow were together when all this happened. I can’t say enough about the content of the report I received. It was wonderful and it contained something about me that they could not have known, and yet there it was. Everything in the report resonated with me and I believe all that happened was very “real”. I am so grateful that such a blessing was done on me, and I would strongly encourage others to experience the wonderment of such a Blessing.

                          ~  ’Spiritguide’

A Letter Written to AngelsLightWorldWide about our private in person Blessings from Mikki short for Michael ♥ SHE is named after ArchAngel Michael ♥ She asked that we share this letter to help others that may benefit from Sacred Heart Blessings ♥

‘I had a very peaceful tranquil feeling after my blessing with Aurora & Brian. I saw an amber halo in my mind. The scent of sage, the music & candles were so soothing to my soul. I kept thinking the session was over but they had only just begun. I heard a very pleasant sounding of I believe a bell and I saw an Angel inside the Amber Halo in my mind. I felt so at peace. I then began to release a lot of old stored up guilt, some real guilt, some I believe also many of us carry because we were perhaps taught to feel shame – (not necessarily from any one person but a lot of us for whatever reason hold a lot of false guilt I believe ) This release of guilt made me weep. I held it inI My eyes were closed but my eyes welled up & I felt release. I also have back & neck pain  – they laid their hands over these areas at the end – after this gentle blessing both have been better since. I felt that a lot of my fears have been lifted. I feel at peace & full of love. Thank you God for working through Aurora & Brian to help me. These are two gentle, insightful & kind souls. I have not one negative thought in my mind. They are precious. There are Angels all  over their home. Need I say more? Spread the LOVE.’

~ Mikki short for Archangel Michael ♥

♥ Another note from a friend about Love Blessings over the phone ♥

‘ I have had 2 meditation/relaxation sessions with Brian and Aurora over the phone and they had an amazing impact on me. All I can say is that I am a believer in what they do. They are warm, compassionate and loving. Give them a try if you are in need of some spirtual help.’

~ Ron in Beverly Hills, CA

More beautiful news about private in person Sacred Heart Love Blessings

‘Thank you my dear friends for “clearing” my blocked chakra’s !!!! I am alive and well again ♥ ♥ ♥ Maybe cleaning and scrubbing them is more appropriate. Love and light is the way.’

DGW ~Lightworker, Herbologist France & Nevada ~ whom has since met and is engaged to Twin Flame ~ wedding we are officiating ~