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Another Lightworker’s response to our long distance ‘Angelic Crystal Guidance’ ~

“Appreciate you and your gift . Your reading is amazing~ amazing as always….You are so gifted ….. ♥ ♥ ♥love hearts ♥to u. ♥ You amaze me everytime …the quality of your reading is beyond words”

 ~ A. Tamara

Written for us after a 30 minute Long Distance Birthday Blessing

It was the time of my birthday when I received a note about a spiritual blessing. I was told it would be a form of meditation and could happen long distance at an agreed upon time. I was uncertain since I felt I always had trouble meditating in the traditional way, however, I felt I was willing to participate. We agreed to “meet” at 6:00 pm my time. I went out to my barn and I sat in my chair at 5:50 pm and became quiet and tried not to think.

I closed my eyes and was still. All was quiet and it was finally 6:00pm. I stayed quiet and kept my eyes closed and relaxed. The next thing I knew it was 6:40pm and opened my eyes and looked around. I was so relaxed, I couldn’t move. I sat for another 10 minutes before I moved. I got up to walk back to the house and I felt a little shaky, but so relaxed. When I got back to my computer and sat down, I found a short message from Aurora about our session and she said she would write something up and send it to me. I felt very close to them and I felt I had changed in some way. I continued to be so calm and relaxed and in a way felt like a different person. When I think back I feel that my body may have remained in that chair, but I am not so sure I did. I think the three of us somehow were together when all this happened. I can’t say enough about the content of the report I received. It was wonderful and it contained something about me that they could not have known, and yet there it was. Everything in the report resonated with me and I believe all that happened was very “real”. I am so grateful that such a blessing was done on me, and I would strongly encourage others to experience the wonderment of such a Blessing.

                          ~  ’Spiritguide’

A Letter Written to AngelsLightWorldWide about our private in person Blessings from Mikki short for Michael ♥ SHE is named after ArchAngel Michael ♥ She asked that we share this letter to help others that may benefit from Sacred Heart Blessings ♥

‘I had a very peaceful tranquil feeling after my blessing with Aurora & Brian. I saw an amber halo in my mind. The scent of sage, the music & candles were so soothing to my soul. I kept thinking the session was over but they had only just begun. I heard a very pleasant sounding of I believe a bell and I saw an Angel inside the Amber Halo in my mind. I felt so at peace. I then began to release a lot of old stored up guilt, some real guilt, some I believe also many of us carry because we were perhaps taught to feel shame – (not necessarily from any one person but a lot of us for whatever reason hold a lot of false guilt I believe ) This release of guilt made me weep. I held it inI My eyes were closed but my eyes welled up & I felt release. I also have back & neck pain  – they laid their hands over these areas at the end – after this gentle blessing both have been better since. I felt that a lot of my fears have been lifted. I feel at peace & full of love. Thank you God for working through Aurora & Brian to help me. These are two gentle, insightful & kind souls. I have not one negative thought in my mind. They are precious. There are Angels all  over their home. Need I say more? Spread the LOVE.’

~ Mikki short for Archangel Michael 

♥ Another note from a friend about Love Blessings over the phone ♥

‘ I have had 2 meditation/relaxation sessions with Brian and Aurora over the phone and they had an amazing impact on me. All I can say is that I am a believer in what they do. They are warm, compassionate and loving. Give them a try if you are in need of some spirtual help.’

~ Ron in Beverly Hills, CA

More beautiful news about private in person Sacred Heart Love Blessings

‘Thank you my dear friends for “clearing” my blocked chakra’s !!!! I am alive and well again ♥ ♥ ♥ Maybe cleaning and scrubbing them is more appropriate. Love and light is the way.’

DGW ~Lightworker, Herbologist France & Nevada ~ whom has since met and is engaged to Twin Flame ~ wedding we are officiating ~


91 thoughts on “‘Soul Healing’

    • Love Blessings Helga,
      You are very loved. We ask that the Angels shield you from any negative thoughts that may open windows to your soul and let dense energy in – we humbly ask the Angels to re-inforce your light shield with magnificent Heavenly Colours of Divine light – spiraling thru your soul & washing any energy you do not need for your highest purpose or goes against your truest happiness. These gentle rays may take a few days to complete their course – you can help the Angels by repeating I am LOVED, I am LOVE, I am LOVED, I am LOVE – if a negative thought pops into your mind remeber it is only a thought then immediately say LOVE and breathe out slowly. Upon breathing in again think again LOVE – do this until it becomes habit for you – Later on this day & tomorrow we will concentrate directed healing Angels energy towards you. The Angels want you to know for sure that they are with you so do keep your eye open for signs of love. As they heal you past hurts are sometimes released through healing tears that wash away pain – sometimes laughter – and sometimes intentional ‘growling’ or deep gutteral release noise – also look on youtube.com for healing frequency http://youtu.be/gm7ZL-PrYd8 and also the miracle frequency – or just a simple ommmmm…. or Gregorian chant – I have written your name and surrounded it in love Hearts –
      Thank you for asking us – We so love to spread love – and for every fearful thought know that they do pass & the sun always rises –
      Aurora & Brian

    • Angelic LOVE BLESSINGS Lani ~ We are starting a prayer session for soul healing for you ~ I am lighting a candle for you and asking that the Angels Bless & Heal your soul from any suffering & that your ascension process goes smoothly ~ you may experience a feeling of light washing over you ~ Also asking that Angels give you affirmation of our blessing in a sign for your soul healing ~ Know you are loved and born with very special gifts from Heaven to help others ~
      Much Angel Love Beloved,
      Aurora& Brian

    • Saw your beautiful artwork AFTER prayer affirmation received & posted ~ You are so very gifted and we can see that the special gift you have is your artwork ~ Your artwork can help others unlock subconscious emotions that are repressed memories ~ you are an Art Angel whose intuition is very strong ~ Much Love Beloved ~ Enjoy your blessings & Know you are on the right path that will develop further ~
      Aurora & Brian

    • Angelic Love Blessings to you Yvonne ` it gives us such happiness and fullness of heart to be able to affirm our presence in your life ~ The more who know we exist and interact in your lives the more the belief and trust grows and we can accomplish so many more miracles ~ we never like to scare or frighten you with our presence so we sometimes hold back in subtlety unless it is an emergency where our intervention is almost always evident and where many stories of Angelic Witnessing occurs ~ please be assured that we HEAR your prayers and we always want the best outcome for everyone involved ~ sometimes this takes some re~arranging and growth which some of you call, “In God’s time not ours” ~ You are very loved and encouraged to continue on your healing path that will help others ~ you may find more & more come to you for help ~ some may be shy to admit their experiences but you can gently affirm this for them so that they don not feel foolish. You are very loved ~ Continue on with stamina & endurance ~ WE can do all things thru HEAVEN that strengthens us ~ Heaven includes ‘God’ (Father & Mother), ‘Holy Spirit’, ‘The Christ’, Angels in all their Hierarchies & Dominions and many many Ascended Spirits of Masters ~ Thank you for your belief, trust & love ~
      Namaste Beloved ~

      • This came as I was travelling. My boyfriend just got back from afghanistan and we were together. The angels always show up when im about to lose someone. I know I wont be left alone.

      • You’ll never be alone ~ sometimes it is difficult to shift into the perspective of ‘other’ worlds and what is all around us. Is he still home? We will say extra prayers for him ~ as I am sure you do.
        Much Angel Love & Support,
        Aurora & Brian

    • Much Angel Love Alicia ~ Sparkles of glittering silver Angel Light surrounds you when you ask for this boost of their loving energy. Let them refill your soul & know that you deserve their love ~ you are precious to them ~ anything of spirit that you’d like to change and is in your and others highest interest will manifest beautifully in your life ~ ask & thou shall receive is endless and full of blessings. Sometimes Heaven’s answers are not recognizable at first.
      Metatron with platinum light frequencies is helping you change a long long ago decision ~ perhaps a decision from a different lifetime ~ by allowing this peaceful change to take place and letting go of any dense energies to be transmuted/transformed by the Angels helps you realise how special you are and how many gifts spirit has bestowed on you.
      You have a creative talent that you haven’t fully expressed or explored. They’d like you to take baby steps towards beginning expressing this talent ~ like watering a sunflower seed in rich earth and showering it with sunshine it is sure to grow ~ so will your talent even if you feel it is ever so small.
      Keep opening to opening ~ Feel the LOVE transforming your life ~ Your choice of happiness helps you radiate.
      Much LOve,
      Aurora & Brian

    • Hello Beautiful Soul, The Angels thank you for believing in Heaven’s ability to heal ~ they say, ‘We are always available to help when you ask’. We are lighting a candle for both you and your sister ~ the candle is a beautiful violet and we ask that the flame of the candle warms your heart and lightens your way. When you have a moment relax with your feet up ~ take a deep breath into your belly and release your breath with all anxiety ~ Doing this a few times will regulate the energy momentum of your spirit ~ Once you are relaxed know that you are blanketed with gorgeous Heavenly light ~ I am seeing hues of purple, soft pink, different shades of silver & platinum all around you bathing you ~ in your mind touch your sister’s hand and let the beautiful light flow between you.
      Tears sometimes flow as a way to release past hurts & anger ~ tears actually contain endorphins residual from different emotions as they truly do wash our souls and hearts ~
      The Angels ask you to let go of anything you don’t need. Hand every burden to them. As your new sense of self begins to blossom allow the change ~ see yourself as a delicate rose petal unfurling with tenderness ~ nurture your newness ~ honor any past hurts and say thank you! I love you! I’m sorry! Forgive me! ~ You have brought me beautiful lessons but I let you go.
      The Angels recommend salt baths or spray to help cleanse and rejuvenate your energy field ~ salt also repels any negativity or dense energy ~
      Surround yourselves in Roses either real ones or images ~ they reflect the miracles of your hearts and also help your energy strengthen.
      Much Angel Love,
      Aurora & Brian

      • Thank You .I bought myself some himalayan rose pink rock salt for xmas,and the flowers i bought for new yr were pink and white roses,so maybe i heard the Angel guidance even if i didnt know it!With thanks,gratitude & love,C.x

      • Yes!!! That is how Angels Work – they inspire us. You following thru with their guidance is affirmation you are awakening and your timing is perfect for contacting us to help you with your sense of Angelic Confidence and to increase Faith in their activity –
        Much Angel Love
        Aurora & Brian

    • Love Blessings Dear One,
      We all need to be reminded to breathe thru past pains ~ doing our best to release dense hurt as we breathe out ~ sometimes this feels like crying or a knot in the tummy ~ or as if something is stuck in your throat ~ when we fight not to remeber something from the past it makes that memeory stronger. The best way to heal past memories is to say Thank You! to the memory ~ I am sorry! Forgive me! I Love you! .. some of the more stubborn past lessons that keep coming up are gentle reminders to not have to learn the same lessons over and over again ~ or a gentle reminder that we need to remove the root pain that sits like a thorn in our hearts and feeling brains around our tummies ~ Salt can cleanse and deflect heavy energies ~ some use it in a salt bath or spray ~ it is important to release these heavy feelings ~ sometimes crying or coughing or singing or chanting Ommmmmmmm or humming to Angel songs help ~ go to the link on our home page and click on picture that says Healing Music ~ it is an hour of Angelic Healing Music ~ light a candle if you can ~ we have a candle lit here for you now ~ you may need a concentrated session of lightwork ~ If you feel you’d benefit as most do have a look through our services page and contact us ~ Meanwhile prayers aplenty ~
      Angels say Breathe……….. Geranium oil and flowers aroma help release past trauma ~ see Rose Ministry page here or AngelicShamanMinistries.com for more guidance ~
      You are loved……

    • Homeopathic Salt can work wonders with slight brain chemical imbalances and thyroid issues – We LOVE homeopathy – so blessed that you know this – we intend on including much of this in Rose Ministry & AngelicShamanMinistry.com Feel free to browse comment add etc.
      Much Angel Love

  1. Hi please help me release fears from my past, I moved away fron my family in may last yearn next week I sm going back to see my family, I feel nervous, as I have negative memories there. I know my guides are around me, and I aksi do healing on others and animals, but why do I feel this dread, maybe this is the last thing I need to rekease.Xx

    • Stand tall in your love & strength from the past ~ without ignoring any of your own pain inflicted by others make a choice to forgive in your own heart ~ your soul may be quaking in fear of being shook by past disapproval from others ~ know they are in error by judgement and feel the soothing unconditional LOVE of Heaven & The Angels ~ Make a list for yourself only of all of your beautiful qualities and keep it near you where you can see it ~ make sure to include any talent gifts that Heaven gave you as your birthright ~ You are alraedy connected to your guides ~ continue to let them reveal to you your best path on this journey of life. Make sure you keep your spirit protected with prayer & meditation ~ and or use some of natures gifts to aid you during this time of nervousness where you need and will have Valor. Look at our Rose Ministry page or http://www.angelicshamanministry.com both works in progress for only a few of the natural gifts methods that can assist you. We are lighting a candle for you now ~ adding a light for you along with the light of others.
      Forgive yourself for any judgement you have had towards yourself ~ breathe deep.
      A deep beautiful strong tube or channel of GOLDEN light surrounds you ~ it warms your heart protects your third eye and gives you strength ~ Divine Mother asks that you call on her for assistance during this transitory phase of your family ~ she will always answer and be there for you ~ We will also send an update comment to you later today.
      Much Angel Love,
      Aurora & Brian from the Angels

    • The Angels want you to know that they see you as a very bright light ~ you have quite a strong and shining Aura or energy field that is multi~faceted as a diamond ~ brilliant in light but also strong and durable ~ they suggest that you are a very special ‘star~child’ that has beautiful sensitivity and could very well be an earth angel with many messages for others. You are blessed with patience and want you to know that they have so much patience for you as you grow and awaken ~ You must be processing some subconscious issues in your dream time as you sleep ~ Jade stone helps with releasing past during dream time. This may be part of the reason your emotions seem almost magnified at the moment ~ don’t dismiss your feelings even if they are magnified ~ This shows a chance to bring up, feel and let go of harsh energy we don’t need. The Angels ask that you be patient with YOURSELF during this time of processing and letting go. Baby & nurture yourself as your vulnerability as a ‘newborn’ person or butterfly is precious and needs protection & love. You will slowly but surely let go of the past by being enlightened about your own true feelings and then letting go with a deep sigh of forgiveness ~ Forgiving can sometimes be difficult but if we only at first say to ourselves ~ I mightn’t forgive but I am WILLING to forgive ~ eventually our willingness allows us to forgive. Your cautious instinct assists your creativity and others notice this about you ~ you think things through as to appeal to larger groups than a select few ~ you could be extremely popular with your particular creative outlet what ever you are most talented as. Be gentle with yourself so that you may learn to love yourself and stay grounded more often instead of leaving body ~ Many of us once we have been hurt find it difficult to stay in human reality and prefer staying with the Angels ~ as a starchild your ability to leave body is very active ~ ask your higher self to learn to look at how wonderful and miraculous you really are and help you stay on earth and in your body.
      You will find that you have a new skill of being able to be silent with your new vision of life and family ~ you will feel things directly from and to the heart without words.
      Physically the Angels suggest that you do some breath work to help release ~ that means taking breathes deep into your belly and then releasing these breaths slowly with purpose feeling yourself force out any dense energy in your auric field.
      Much Angel Love,
      Let us know how your journey is.
      Aurora & Brian

  2. Hello Mandy,just wanted to wish you luck.
    When I saw yr post yesterday what popped into my head was black tourmaline & honeysuckle flower essence-notwithstanding the original Bach description was nostalgia for Happier times!-and then I thought abt it,and thought maybe rose quartz,but I cant better yr Angelic Advice above,jade is a wonderfully soothing stone,like stroking a Siamese Cat!!
    Took me 50yrs before I could say ‘no’ to my family,so as I said above,the main thing is I wanted to say Good Luck!

    • Thank you so much Caro ❤ I hope Mandy reads these comments to help her. Many of us experience this healing and it helps so much to know that others have gone through it and survived. I know it wasn't until both my parents passed that I (Aurora) was able to heal all or most of my family issues ~ Angel Coincidence ~ Honeysuckle was always for my mom! We had mounds of it around our house and also when I was very little my mother taught me to pick the flower from the vine that grows wild all over the ditches in Ireland and suck the nectar out ~ I must have been three but continued the practice forever throughout my life ~ I spent so many hours in our Wild Rose & Honeysuckle hedges and also on walks along the country roads in Ireland drinking honeysuckle nectar with the bees. Thank you so much for that memory. & Rose quartz too! I love rose quartz ~ I personally have to be careful if it is around me and hurt emotions are on the surface as it really pulls them out consciously.
      Angel Love & Appreciation! I hope you comment whenever you have guidance and support for any posts. Big Hearts!

    • Love blessings ~ we have been blessed so that we may help bless others ~ We will Light a candle for you now and write you Angelic Guidance later today when we ‘hear’ & ‘feel’ what guidance they’d like to send you ~
      Angel Love,
      Aurora & Brian

    • Angel Love Blessings Mechelle ~
      The Angelic Guidance offered to you is that to be assured the work of light or service to light that you are doing will help you manifest your true purpose in life and I can see that so clearly with all your beautiful posts. During this time of manifesting your dream purpose you will have a hunch or a knowingness ~ the Angels strongly urge you too keep it silent or too yourself for a while. The Angel Messages are very clear for you today, they have been making contact with you ~ a trip you have thinking of may take some financial saving but it will come to you ~ the trip looks happy with many blessings ~ a beautiful sun and also son brings you harmony and peace ~ this time period in your life seems to be a building up of happiness which will bring your wishes true ~ The Angels had alot of deep indigo but sparkly around you the sparkles looked deep purple ~ I hope they gave you an Angelic sign.
      Much Angel Love,
      Aurora & Brian

  3. May I ask for some healing for myself at the moment! I am feeling very unsure about where I am heading and a little unsettled. Many thanks! x

    • Love Blessings Pauline,
      Your name added to candle and spirals of love sent to you – The unsureness you are feeling is feeling like someone elses doing – or their unsettled place in life _ you have a warm, loving hopeful heart that sees and feels the best for everyone. Make sure that someone convincing is not leading your heart astray. Angels will bring you signs and assurance of what is true and clear for you. You will feel clearer later this evening and tomorrow. We will also send you an update.
      Much Angel Love,
      Aurora & Brian
      Aurora & Brian

    • Angelic Love Blessings Pauline,
      The Angels showed protecting and grounding yourself ~ black onyx is great for that also black tourmaline ~ Turquoise also helps our auras shield itself ~ some of your imbalance could be from someone elses’ energy so cut chords with your hands as imaginary loving sword start at your head and swoosh downwards diagonally towards you opposite hip while thinking cutting chords ~ during this time of readjusting KYANITE would balance your energies very quickly but Angels ask you to stay calm especially about expressing your feelings and nurture yourself ~ perhaps some work or hobby away from where you are for awhile would benefit you by increasing your sense of self confidence ~ by stalling or waiting about a romantic love question getting busy with yourself and what you like doing will help pass the time ~ you will find great satisfaction and sense of self by throwing yourself into work of somekind ~ you’ll find your romantic love question manifests very quickly when you have this part of your life balanced ~ The Angels blessed you with pink light ~ green light and grounding red light ~ a channel of purest white pearlescent gold light blesses you ~ Look forward to your journey of creativity. The Angels will give you signs along the way.
      Much Angel Love,
      Aurora & Brian

    • Angel Blessings!
      We are full of spirit love and need to share the gifts we have been given to help others with faith during any times of doubt or pain. We add your name to a candle of hope and healing and will update you here of any Angelic guidance that may come thru for you ~ Thank you for your talent and creativity ~ Heaven in all its names loves creation and when we here on earth express ourselves.
      Angel Light,
      Aurora & Brian

    • Angel Light!
      The Angels emphasize your ability to simplify complex concepts for others to understand & comprehend. They’d like you to know what a gift that is ~ By simplifying you are shining a light of hope, change and truth ~ Much of your innate ‘wisdom’ comes from many lifetimes of ‘spiritual’ work ~ you have been here before many times! and your special gift of mental mastery & patience with others learning including yourself. You are very conscious of others and are especially gifted at helping some express their inner child thru playing, joking & adventure.
      You are wise beyond years and the Angels love & respect your journey here on earth of peace and translating complex to simple for many to understand ~
      Angel Love,
      Aurora & Brian

    • Angel Love Blessings Whitney ~ You are part of a huge prayer circle now ~ that of Heavenly Angels that want what is best for you and all of us ~ By putting your name here you gave the Angels the okay to help you ~ They are always around but can only intervene without us asking in emergencies ~ Feel the light of their love around you ~ They will send you affirmations thru feathers & songs ~ Angelic Guidance will come for you thru us over the next 24 hours and we will leave you another comment with what they say ~ They smile dearly upon you right now and are very pleased.
      Angel Love & Light,
      Aurora & Brian

    • Angel Blessings Whitney!
      Angel Love Blessings Whitney ~
      The Angels show you as very strong in your mind with an instinctual foresight that makes you a master of anything you try!
      Like many of us, your spirit is ‘ascending’ ~ awakening to higher frequencies of light and some are having a difficult time adjusting ~ But with your mental gifts even if you may feel pulled in two directions you are able to keep it together for smooth transitions ~ The Angels remind you to LAUGH during spiritual healing and spiritual guidance ~ Laugh alot through transitions. Have fun! There is a great freedom achieved by letting go and laughing even at yourself when necessary ~ a great sense of self humour without degrading yourself brings an abundance of blessings ~ Hope and ‘luck’ as some may call providence brings you choices in work and strength.
      By simplifying and allowing natural healing through gentle dreamwork helps let go of the old without us noticing ~ You also heighthen sense of inner knowing by allowing any knowledge, healing, wisdom to come to you while you sleep.
      The old adage ‘Early to bed, early to rise keeps you healthy wealthy & wise’ actually has physiological and spiritual reasons why it is very true!!!
      Very simply put, the human body needs complete darkness for a few hours while the human brain makes your sleep endorphins and also leads to your body detoxing ~ while your subconscious needs the REM and different stages of sleep to help your subconscious detox! It is a finely tuned network of functions switched on and off by SUNLIGHT or any light ~ The Angels ask everyone to get deeper healthier sleep ~ For those on night shifts it is essential to wear complete black out eyemasks or have blackout curtains ~ We are finely tuned creatures of Heaven living in Harmony ~
      The Angels also suggest getting a piece if ‘Celestite’ ~ This is a natural rock/crystal that helps raise our vibrations to Angelic Frequencies where we can hear &/or know them more clearly ~
      Angel Love & Light,
      Aurora & Brian

    • Angel Love Blessings Anniko!
      You have been added to a prayer candle ~ At the moment light pink and silver light seems to swirling around your energy field ~ This looks like Archangel Chamuel ~ whom fosters and enriches LOVE ~ Personal Love ~ Love of Yourself that is deserved and helps raise your self esteem ~ Chamuel is also responsible for romantic love energy ~ that floaty heady feeling of surreal. There are also flecks of gold light ~ These rays of light are helping to restore and balance your sense of love in and around you ~ You are very loved and the Angels are happy to help you with your spiritual requests and help you reach a high level of energy vibration which in turn will attract even more LOVE!!!!!
      They show you taking a breather or a rest from some pursuit ~ spend time on yourself nurturing and pampering.
      We will write you here any more guidance for you that they suggest or colors of light we see around you ~ Before falling asleep ask the Angels to guard and protect you in dreamland.
      Much Angel Love,
      Aurora & Brian

    • Angel Blessings Anniko!
      The Angels show that you are healing your heart from a deep sorrow and allowing it to become whole again ~ allowing your heart to beat with Universe in oneness. During healing emotions, the very emotions we are healing sometimes feel magnified ~ this phase shouldn’t last too long ~ The Angels show a quick journey through your healing and ascension to higher understandings ~ They also say and show that these messages to you will help you prevail over any healing challenges that come up for you. The confidence you may gain from them will help you balance emotional passion with a humble heart that listens to them.
      A change for you brings strength and cuts chords to any past energies that may have been holding you back. Your new found confidence will not only help you move forward but also move fearlessly towards becoming your own strong unique individual. This new found confidence and strength attracts great love to you! Romantic love whether it is yours or around you in another form attracts even more love ~ Love is a magnet unto itself~ You are part of the LOVE magnet ~ sending out love and also receiving love ~
      Rose Quartz can help you release any negativity from your heart’s past but please keep in mind that as the past is released Rose Quartz also magnifies any hurt, anger, pain we have held inside as it is being transformed ~
      The Angels suggest that you be very kind and patient with yourself but most of all choose to be Happy!
      Much Angel Love, Blessings & Light,
      Aurora & Brian

    • I am grateful for the message I received! I am getting stronger every day – I am amazed how much I changed since December, sometimes I feel like I am watching myself from “outside” changing every day for better, embracing my new life with confidence. It’s so much easier now to think about everything that happened, I see – and understand – many things that that point were causing me to shut down as I did not understand. Everything moves faster, changes occuring every day. Good changes. I feel that finnaly I am cutting all cords with the past, I felt so lost for a days, maybe weeks or even more! I was missing myself – the real me! Thank you so much for guiding me, reassuring that I am taking the correct steps (I was asking the angels to tell me if I am on the right path . . .you answered!). You are a guiding light shining with love for all those who were lost but are trying to find their way!
      Thank You!
      I felt the urge to have an azurite pendant last November, after a few weeks all I was thinking was the amethyst pendant I saw ehen I bought the first one. Now I keep having a clear crystal image in my mind.

      • I thank the Angels for leading you towards us and being able to affirm your Spiritual Journey!!! Thank you Blessed Angels and Heaven ~ for gifting us the way to help guide others!
        It has been our experience that we all need different crystals, herbs, colors etc at different times ~ Sometimes Heaven ‘shows’ us what we need and directs our attention to real memory images we have stored in our memory bank and other times we get random images ~ part of all of our awakening and ascension is training our human mind to accept the variety and wealth of guidance we receive and sift or sort through all ~ It can sometimes be like a puzzle so have fun finding the fitting pieces!~
        From what the Angels show and also what you explain your awakening has quickened into an accelerated state where your spirit is getting comfortable with transcending all you have consciously known ~ so get as many crystals that you are guided to ~ for instance, if you see the amethyst pendant find some amethyst or surround yourself in purple ~ or look up its meaning and affirmation and bless your self with it ~ smaller unrefined samples of all crystals work sometimes even better than refined jewelery ~ We know some wonderful online sites for crystals depending on what part of the world you are in in regards to shipping.
        Angel LOVE,
        Aurora & Brian

  4. I thank the Angels every night for all the help and guidance I get! Thank You Aurora for your role in my guidance!
    I am in Los Angeles, I have a place I always go to buy my crystals. Now I went and got my clear quartz I kept seeing in my mind for the past few days.
    This was all so new, and in the same time somehow familiar! The events were building up for a couple of months, but from December 4 everything happened like when you fast-forward a movie . . .
    More rarely now, but still have some “downtime” hours – but this is nothing compared to how lost and down I felt when the big change occured for me.
    I am deeply grateful for being allowed to change back to myself!
    I forgive those who caused me pain, as this was a part of my lesson to be learned. I also appologize if I ever caused any pain to someone during my journey till now, as this was never my intention.
    Thank You Angels, Guiding Lights for lifting me when I was falling!

    • Anniko! What a beautiful message of Gratitude to receive and also give to so many of us and especially the Angels ~ The gift of forgiveness works all ways blessing your self and others ~ It also nurtures compassion for yourself and others ~ Heaven’s compassion is bountiful. You are truly blessed. Aurora bought some of her first crystals in Los Angeles at a Nature Store ~ keep listening to positive affirmations guiding you in this life on your journey ~ Replace any creeping in of ‘other’ thoughts with the word LOVE ~
      Much Angel Love,
      Aurora & Brian

      • Blessings Dear Guides! Please say a prayer for my soul . . . I’m struggling with negative feelings for the past two days, I have to clear my soul and mind from it, and somehow I’m not able to do it on my own. It seems to clear up, just to return with more strenght!
        Thank You for Your Guiding Light!

      • With your prayer came connection to Heaven’s Angels flame or purity ~ Many are struggling with rollercoaster emotions and also clearing of old hurt due to Solar Flares ~ There is an underlying fear also with media hype of ‘The End’ ~ Go on to Home page ~ Click on Healing Music ~ sit or lay down ~ breathe deep into your belly and filling your lungs gently ~ breathe out ‘swoosh’ any heavy feelings from your heart energy and chest energy. Relax listen to music and say to yourself over and over again ~ I am love ~ I am love ~ Take these unnecessary burdens from me ~ Lift up your heart’s pain ~ Lift it up to the light of Heaven ~ Ask for Heaven to purify your emotional field of your Heart.
        Much Angel Love,
        Aurora & Brian

    • Heavenly Angelic Love Blessings Carmelita ~ We are adding your name to prayer candle and await any Angelic Guidance towards Soul Healing for you. I see a rose that symbolizes love and miracles coming to you! This may be a small miracle but one that will increase the smile in your heart.

    • Angel Love Carmelita,
      Angelic Guidance asks that you simplify a new vision that you have and are nurturing into fruition of a dream. They also want you to know that you can rely on their support during the emotional magnifications of moons phases ~ when feeling off balance ask the Heavenly Angels to balance and attune your spirit. Sometimes an hour of meditation or prayer works just as well as a vacation! : )
      They suggest that you use black tourmaline, black onyx or any blackstone to help protect your energies. This will help harmonise your energy and keep you shining as a light in the darkness for many that know you. You are very loved and you share that love with others. It is that quality of yours that keeps you shining so bright.
      Much Angel Love,
      Aurora & Brian

    • Angelic Love Blessings Erin! We have added your name and thought request for prayer and soul healing to a prayer candle ~ Angelic Guidance for you should come over the next 24 hours ~ we will type you another message ~ I do already see loads of beautiful pink light around you ~ different hues and different shades of pink from the lightest of bubble gum to deep fuschia ~ That is usually Archangel Chamuel and Angel of Love Helpers ~ You radiate happiness even sometimes when you don’t know it ~ Now around your energy field mixed with the pinks are trails of shiny gold light ~ almost like sparkles.
      Much Angel Love,
      Aurora & Brian

  5. :)Thank you. If they could help with my flow and inspiration that would be awesome, so I’m just putting it out there:)
    Many blessings of Love and Light to you and yours!!

    • You can also find info on how to help protect your energy field on our AngelicShamanMinistry.com or click on the Golden Rose picture on our home page side bar. It is a work in progress and the existing posts are an introductory to Angelic Shamanism with a 3 level course being channeled at the moment ~ The intro is free, an act of love as we all need to know how to protect ourselves.
      Angel Blessings,
      Aurora & Brian

    • Angelic Blessings Erin,
      We received this guidance for you ~ They say this time is for you to realise your true self in a reflection of others around you ~ you are acquiring experience of living in an egoless state ~ The lesson in not being hired will strengthen you and spur you towards self improvement. They suggest that in addition to prayer and meditation of positive thought you do need to protect your energy with whichever way you feel comfortable ~ some use crystals ~ black tourmaline or any black stone helps ~ herbs & flowers that protect if no allergy present are basil, rose, angelica root, garlic, lavender, geranium ~ also a piece of sulphur helps shield your energy field. Someone or something may be draining your energy ~ it is like having someone else’s electrical plug in your power source and it can drain you ~ Imagine cutting chords to all who attach to your energy using a sweeping hand motion ~ blessing yourself so to speak !!! The Angels also suggest that you go easy on yourself around the lunar cycle or monthly cycle as emotions can get magnified due to moon or hormones ~ learn how to naturally balance your hormones with foods, water and exercise. Also opt for hormone free meat, dairy and vegetable products when it is possible ~
      As for unemployment… yes that is nerve wracking… so many around the world in same boat ~ they suggest individualising your talent ~ tailor your gift into something unique that no one else does or very few do ~ a simple bit of research will help you ~ remember to ask for Heavenly Angelic Guidance to assist your exciting exhilarating path of unique!
      Much Angel Love,
      Aurora & Brian

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