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♥ Spend a Moment with Archangel Michael ♥

♥ Great Love & Protection ♥

♥ Spend a moment with Archangel Michael ♥

♥Look at his picture and feel his wings of love enfold you 

♥ Feel yourself align with his protective & purifying energy

♥ Breathe  Deep , Let Him Pour Heavenly Light through you ♥



God grant me the serenity to accept what I cannot change….


the courage to accept the things I can…


& the wisdom to know the difference.




Healing Angels

When we are most vulnerable with our ego softened into gentle humility

we lift our face & heart to Heaven,

imploring with Our Father to guide

& heal us with the faith of a child.

Where we are greeted with unconditional love

& healing from Heavenly Angels.

Archangel Raphael – God has healed – assists with healing journeys

& assists all who heal.

Heavenly Angels are messengers for God ~ they are far greater than us

yet they love & guide us in humility,

Humility in service to God in his Love for us

& gratitude in service to him in his love for them.

Creation Plan

God has a plan

that is not a





A plan of




Where we create with








all artwork by Daniel Marlin

available for purchase on

Visiting Angels

Some of us can see you without special photographyOthers just know you are there

Some are surprised by your visits

Holding our hands to show you care

It isn’t that your glamorous

We are just in awe of how divine

Blessed with eternal humility

Heaven blesses us with your  love shine.

Prayers of Love

Light Up The World

Lift Up Our Hearts

Calling Heaven’s Angels to Our Aid

In the Millions & Millions & Millions

As promised…..



Angels are Like Soul Doctors

Administering God’s Love as the Perfect Medicine for Our Souls

Be an Angel today and heal someones Love Heart With Your Care

Heaven’s Healing of Humanity

Call in the forces of the Holy Spirit & Shekina

as they embrace Earth

With Heaven’s Angelic Realm & Energy

from Heaven Light of Cosmos

Be blessed & guided

As you know God is here & healing

calling all his Angels in for service

Allow his purest love to wash any doubt you may have

& give you re-birth of your soul

Spiritual growth through pain is sometimes

part of the transition

Let Light, Love, Guidance, Faith, Hope

& Trust in Heaven be your innermost guide.

You are so very much loved.


In times of grief, sorrow or confusion ask through prayer 

that Heaven’s Angels to fly your soul

to someplace soothing…

This may be a glorious field……..

or maybe a soothing sea……….

visions of a sunset……

a distant memory of true companionship…

maybe just a comfy place…..

but they will always take your soul

where you feel most familiar to help comfort you.

Ask them to help create visuals for your imagination

that help carry your spirit there.

Time Sped Up

During these times of great change

some of us feel we are spinning

through life faster and faster….

With all of our senses heightened

to the beauty of

Heaven on Earth……….

Many find comfort

in the simplicity

of yesteryear……..

When puppets were toys on stage…….

Mermaids more than a dream….

Transportation clean…..

Photographs pure….

Love simple……

& we all grew towards the Son….