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Time Sped Up

During these times of great change

some of us feel we are spinning

through life faster and faster….

With all of our senses heightened

to the beauty of

Heaven on Earth……….

Many find comfort

in the simplicity

of yesteryear……..

When puppets were toys on stage…….

Mermaids more than a dream….

Transportation clean…..

Photographs pure….

Love simple……

& we all grew towards the Son….

Earth Angels

Earth Angels are highly sensitive humans

that have etheric wings

that not all can see.

Their soul portals are different

& more complex

so that Heavenly Light

can attach efficiently

allowing them to deliver

Love & Light…

Their physical body’s systems of immunity


also their allergen sensitivity to

Earth’s manmade chemicals

are highly sensitive


can dysfunction easily.

That does not mean they are weak

or strange. Earth Angels are specialised

tools for Heaven in Service to Heaven.

Earth Angels help spread

Heaven’s Healing,

Faith, Hope, Love & Understanding

to all of humanity.

Do you know an Earth Angel?

If so let them know how much we need

& Love them.

God promised to send his Angels….

& Earth Angels are just some

of his cizillion helpers.

Love is…

The richest bridge of healing light

reaching from our heart to other hearts…

When two love deeply with pure heart

the connection of healing light

becomes an Arc from one heart

to the other…

If Heaven’s Covenant is Love,

perhaps the arc created of light

& energy to each other’s heart

but also Love from our Hearts to

& from Heaven

is the Arc of the Covenant.

Love & Love deeply…

Disregard all ego defense of separation.

Growing Up

Kids exhausting you? Keep in mind….

Growing up is

Long days but short years…

You’ll miss those stressful days once you

realise they’ve disappeared into the

whirlpool of time!  

Breathe LOVE