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Have Faith

Praying Angel 

Many of us are experiencing a sensation that the world is spinning faster and time has sped up. This appears to have the effect of making some of us feel like our compass is off and our spirit just may float away or become  burdened with feelings of overwhelming fear & stress. Fortunately many of us also have the wise instinct to seek spiritual guidance from the Angelic Realm at this time. Learning to embrace the Earth energies that can be scary during times of conflict & fear is a bit like learning to fly & using the Earth and others here with us to stay in touch with reality here on Earth while maintaining hope against all odds. Heaven’s Angelic Realm asks that we trust them no matter what… they are in accordance with Divine Timing ~ All is well. They want us to know that they are our life line to Heaven, God & the Holy Spirit with Yeshua’s intercession as we travel through the unknown & new territories of experience. Some of us are experiencing waves of peaks & troughs in our emotional world. We must learn to breathe through them. Deep slow breath that helps fill our body soul & minds while helping reconnect our souls to spirit and our connection Heaven without interference. You as many others are blossoming. Any discomfort you may feel is the discomfort of change & the unknown. They ask us to pray & meditate as  much as possible.


We are urged to accept our ever expanding spirits that rise higher & higher while learning what seems like new knowledge. By accepting this knowledge is in fact Ancient and original authenticity of what & how we harmonize best here in our world. Heaven’s Angelic Realm is pouring so many blessings of LOVE onto us all. Romance abounds & deeper depths of love never before experienced are being achieved or created here on Earth. They ask that instead of focusing on the conflicts that we focus on the Grail of Love through this cycle of humanity. By resisting the changes & turning events we cause more conflict. Increasing our Hope gives us the courage to come out of any caves of isolation and share with others as we re-join each other with different perspectives & higher sensitivities. We need to accept that all of our increased sensitivities include the necessity to avoid harsh situations, words, chemicals. By focusing our compassion towards each other & ourselves we release all judgement towards LOVE & LIGHT to be transformed into purity.


You will meet each other on these paths. Always smile at one another and look deeply into each others souls while knowing that our differences are an illusion. We shine upon you & through you in all creativity & love. Know we are here.


Healing Art Designs by angelslightworldwide ministry


Sacred Prayer & medicine staffs ~ used in healing, hiking or room art.


Hand-crafted incense holders


Incense helps clear the space around you while you pray & also helps clear your own auric field.


Did you know that is why & how incense was first created & used in churches , temples, tribal ceremonies ~ all spiritual ~ all religions through time?


Same with sacred salts or blessing pouches


used in exorcisms & home protection not as a substitute for prayer but in addition to prayer.


Medicine Pouches also carry soul medicine that helps increase your spirit’s frequency. Different herbs, flowers, rocks carry different frequencies or vibrations. By keeping them close to you the help raise your vibration. They are not magic they are God’s nature.

This Bag of Love is filled with flower petals & aromatherapy to increase your own Love vibration by joining with the energy of God’s great gift nature.

IMG_1482All products are unique & made to order.



Love Each Other

Let LOVE embrace you…

Gently open your heart’s petals….

to the sunshine of your love…

Love each other…

as Love nourishes all.

You’ve Got Wings

♥ ‘Many of you have etheric ‘wings’ made of special densities of energy ~ they are not for flying but for transforming all that they sweep through’ ♥

Heaven’s Angels

♥ Sending EVERYONE LOVE ♥ Welcome ALL new likes ♥ Angels LightWorldWide & Sacred Heart Blessings of Angels Love is still managing some computer issues at the moment but will return to normal messaging of personalised welcomes as soon as possible ♥ We so miss messaging you all day everyday ♥


Restoring Peace

♥ ‘May all be restored

to peace



~ the love between your hearts


the understanding

between your minds

is priceless

worth more than

anything tangible ♥

Heaven calls on

you all

to stay with

the energy of love

created through

peaceful hearts

& steadfast praying

for those pulled into

disharmony of violence ~

We ask you to

breathe in all that is,

breathe out love,



forgiveness’ ♥


Heaven’s Angels

‘Prayer & Meditation’ Mother Mary

♥ May you be blessed with gifts of prayer & meditation ♥

In deep prayer you call us by emitting your feelings & thoughts in beams of energy ♥

In deep meditation we answer you by shining feelings, thoughts, visions & sometimes just plain healing silence to you that allows your mind, body & soul to relax & rejuvenate ♥

‘Ask & it is given’ reveals the mystery that by you accepting in complete faith that you already have what you ask for when you ask for it the creation energy is multiplied in many manners of dimension ~ a pre~existing miracle guaranteed in the best manner Heaven can create with all other pliable souls on Earth.

The difference between please heal me & in humility I am healed is that the first statement leaves doubt in your faith where the second statement thought, image, creation leaves no doubt that you are perfectly whole, complete & healed. It may take some time for the physical molecules to catch up with the etheric molecules but they do when your Faith remains constant’ ♥

Blessed Mother

Heaven’s Healing of Humanity

Call in the forces of the Holy Spirit & Shekina

as they embrace Earth

With Heaven’s Angelic Realm & Energy

from Heaven Light of Cosmos

Be blessed & guided

As you know God is here & healing

calling all his Angels in for service

Allow his purest love to wash any doubt you may have

& give you re-birth of your soul

Spiritual growth through pain is sometimes

part of the transition

Let Light, Love, Guidance, Faith, Hope

& Trust in Heaven be your innermost guide.

You are so very much loved.

World Protection

Trust in Heaven’s

protection of Earth

Legions of God’s Angels

Soothing Us With Hope

Legions of God’s Angels

Caring for Us

Legions of God’s Spiritual Warriors

Protecting Us

Legions of God’s Angels

Loving Us

An Infinite Supply of Holy Spirit

Healing Light Blessing Us

Beautiful Gifts of Comfort

♥ As a small child, my mother gave me a special tool to calm me down when Earth got too much ~ A perfect seashell that I placed to my ear & heard the ocean waves gently rushing the sand pulling all darkness away ♥ The sound brought me instant comfort as if in my mother’s womb ♥ The Ocean is Mother Earth’s Womb ♥ Thank You Earth for all of your beautiful gifts ♥ ~ from “Comforting Autism” by Aurora copyright 2012

Christ’s love is so very Mystic…


 Most people who love Christ are scared of the mystic….

Most who love the mystic are scared of


The dividing line between spirituality and the great I am!

The dividing line between religion and the great I Am…

cross the line…

Who do you listen to?