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Mary Magdalene by Francesco Bacchiacca REMIX

Worrying about what you don’t want

to happen is praying it backwards ~

Pray it forwards by focusing your mind

on what you do want.

Breathe to feel,

Think LOVE.




*~ Open your mind

to the fluttering pulse

of Universal Conscience,

feel yourself ascend

to the highest vibration ~ *

AngelsLight @2011


Wedding Angel by Bruce Cramer  

~ Dreams of Romantic Love & Weddings

Are Part of Our Instinct &

Tradition To Celebrate

The Unity of Two Souls

Under The Guidance of Heaven ~

Participating in a Wedding Ceremony Brings

You Great Happiness ~

Angel of Grace

Angel of Grace by Willow Arleana

Allowing Grace into our lives

becomes easier with each

Miraculous Occurrence

we accept in Faith.

Your belief & positive thoughts

create more & more synchronistic

channels of harmony in your life,

building more & more Faith.

~ Envision, Believe, Create ~

The Angels Love You!


Sometimes serenity

means being out there

on your own,

letting the ripples of

God shift your energy

far away from

the cluttering thoughts of man.