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Mary Magdalene by Francesco Bacchiacca REMIX

Worrying about what you don’t want

to happen is praying it backwards ~

Pray it forwards by focusing your mind

on what you do want.

Breathe to feel,

Think LOVE.




*~ Open your mind

to the fluttering pulse

of Universal Conscience,

feel yourself ascend

to the highest vibration ~ *

AngelsLight @2011


Wedding Angel by Bruce Cramer  

~ Dreams of Romantic Love & Weddings

Are Part of Our Instinct &

Tradition To Celebrate

The Unity of Two Souls

Under The Guidance of Heaven ~

Participating in a Wedding Ceremony Brings

You Great Happiness ~

Angel of Grace

Angel of Grace by Willow Arleana

Allowing Grace into our lives

becomes easier with each

Miraculous Occurrence

we accept in Faith.

Your belief & positive thoughts

create more & more synchronistic

channels of harmony in your life,

building more & more Faith.

~ Envision, Believe, Create ~

The Angels Love You!


Sometimes serenity

means being out there

on your own,

letting the ripples of

God shift your energy

far away from

the cluttering thoughts of man.

Be the Reflection of Joy

Little World, BIg World by Floriana Barbue

Don’t let imagined tears turn your sunshine upside down,  feel gratitude in your heart and let it give rise to smile on your face ~ Be the reflection of Joy intended for you.

Tree of Life

Tree of Life

The Tree of Life has many roots,


& leaves

that have a symbiotic relationship

of giving & receiving


So must we have many roots,


& leaves

to understand

the sum of parts in totality

of ONE.

JASMINE ~ The Rose Ministry


Jasmine flowers attract Heavenly angels as the flower’s aroma helps raise our energy frequency or spirit vibration. This way they promote healing, romance, aphrodisia, sensuality & calm sedation.  

The flowers are widely used at both wedding and other religious ceremonies as they represent romance, feminine kindness, grace, delicacy, special fondness, wealth and romantic attachment.

They are traditionally worn near the crown chakra in women’s hair.

The essential oil distilled from the jasmine flower is also known as  an anti-depressant, anti viral, anti bacterial & anti-septic.

The oil extracted from the plant has been used in Ayurvedic medicine as a tonic and cleansing remedy for hundreds of years encouraging the principles of light, harmony, and increased perception. Its medicine is used for cooling fevers & strengthening immune systems.

In Chinese medicine it is used for ‘cooling’ & astringency. Jasmine contains alkaloids: linalool & salicylic acid. Arabian jasmine has been used in China since at least AD 300 to scent teas.

Jasmine is also representative of Sacred Mother as it encourages milk flow, soothes as an anti~depressant, anti~spasmodic & a uterine tonic. 

Jasmine tea is recommended for treating infections, urinary inflammation and fevers ~ used in cold compresses for heat stroke and headache and also added to massage oil.

The name Jasmine is from the Persian word “yasmin,” meaning Gift from God. The flower’s symbolic opening of petals at night represents nocturnal life & quite often used for dream magic where attracting of Love & Prosperity are what is being sought. 

An Angelic Shaman relaxation treatment using quartz crystals and jasmine flowers is sure to assist a spirit patient with a broken heart ~ The jasmine give the quartz crystals soothing energy, encourages romance, healing & sensuality. Soak packets filled with jasmine flowers can be added to a bath for another treatment.