Archive | July 1, 2012

Darkness Be Healed

Let your tears flow…

tears are truly God’s medicine

as they wash toxins from



stress &

even tears of happiness from our body

& emotional heart


This clearing keeps us healing, open

& clear to receive Heavenly Light.

Heaven has Miraculous healing

light for our souls

Some of us call this Heavenly Light

“The Holy Spirit”


“God’s Light”

as it is a very special light

delivered only by ‘Heaven’

‘others’ may try & trick you

to receive different light

that bring different energies that are not

made for Earth & Humanity~ that doesn’t

mean that different is ‘bad’

but the Light of Heaven

is all Earth & Humanity needs…

would anyone put the wrong oil or gas in

their high tech sports car, plane or boat?

or the wrong food in their

finely tuned body?


or drink something they are

allergic to rather than water?


Prayers to God keep

us attuned vessels

to receive & hold for

Heavenly Light

spread throughout

humanity with unconditional LOVE.