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Anointment with essential oils helps purify and also protect our soul…

Essential oil from rose,




angelica archangelica

are just a few of Heaven’s

Gifts in Nature

Ancient Knowledge Must be Preserved

For us to survive the Future

Love is…

The richest bridge of healing light

reaching from our heart to other hearts…

When two love deeply with pure heart

the connection of healing light

becomes an Arc from one heart

to the other…

If Heaven’s Covenant is Love,

perhaps the arc created of light

& energy to each other’s heart

but also Love from our Hearts to

& from Heaven

is the Arc of the Covenant.

Love & Love deeply…

Disregard all ego defense of separation.

Golden Swans


A fusion of faiths nurtures

world understanding

within humanity…

We are encouraged to seek similarities

rather than argue differences….

The Golden Swan represents

the steed of ‘Brahma’:

The ancient representation of creation,

mercy and benevolence that has evolved

through our history into other figures

throughout humanity.

When we receive this reminder

in our lives

we are encouraged to seek

fusion of Faith that leads to

Harmony of Humanity.

Ask Heaven’s Angels to help you

reach a harmonious understanding of

Humanity’s Collective Faith

As throughout time

language & understanding

has evolved and so have

the diverse symbols

& words for Love,



Our Father