God’s Love is Everywhere

Never lose faith…

even during times of distress…

God’s Love is everywhere.

Whoever does not love does not know God,

because God is love.

1 John 4:8 (NIV)

Gold Meditation

Picture your self in a beautiful Prairie


feel the wind gently blow against your face.


hands risen in the air

in awe at the wonders of creator


Dreams  and wishes

ascend in the wind.

jinny jo

Spirit of White Eagle


His arms aloft prayer stick in hand,

welcoming our Holy Father the Great Spirit

White eagle


Lightning bolts descend thru the skies

  Your emotional heart awakens

to its fullest potential…


I AM of the Lord


I AM Gold fill my soul,

fill me with Divinity of Heaven

I AM Gold, I am of the Lord,

Defend me Holy Father Great Spirit


♥ Let me know thine Love ♥


Heaven’s Healing of Humanity

Call in the forces of the Holy Spirit & Shekina

as they embrace Earth

With Heaven’s Angelic Realm & Energy

from Heaven Light of Cosmos

Be blessed & guided

As you know God is here & healing

calling all his Angels in for service

Allow his purest love to wash any doubt you may have

& give you re-birth of your soul

Spiritual growth through pain is sometimes

part of the transition

Let Light, Love, Guidance, Faith, Hope

& Trust in Heaven be your innermost guide.

You are so very much loved.

Earth Angels

Earth Angels are highly sensitive humans

that have etheric wings

that not all can see.

Their soul portals are different

& more complex

so that Heavenly Light

can attach efficiently

allowing them to deliver

Love & Light…

Their physical body’s systems of immunity


also their allergen sensitivity to

Earth’s manmade chemicals

are highly sensitive


can dysfunction easily.

That does not mean they are weak

or strange. Earth Angels are specialised

tools for Heaven in Service to Heaven.

Earth Angels help spread

Heaven’s Healing,

Faith, Hope, Love & Understanding

to all of humanity.

Do you know an Earth Angel?

If so let them know how much we need

& Love them.

God promised to send his Angels….

& Earth Angels are just some

of his cizillion helpers.

Heavenly Intercession For World Hunger


God’s Greatest Song

While you lay sleeping…

all your fences are down…

your spirits rise

to a dance of your soul….

free floating….

you meet in

the shimmering silence

of a soul kiss……

filled in depth with

the beating heart of true romance…

hold back no more…

ride free…

let go of any fear of rejection…

know that you belong to each other…

know that you are LOVE…

expect nothing less than love….  

as your spirits dance in the light of love…

delight in its never ending circle…

entwined through spheres of LOVE…

dance dance………

look lovingly into each others

eyes of your soul…

feel mother nature

embrace you

as you recognise


find each other

in each others eyes of forever…




your are destiny for each other……

All is LOVE…

Love shields you….

Love is you…..

Fly free beloved lovers….

Join in Unison with

God’s greatest song.

Vatican City


Self-worth bestows humble confidence

& the ability to love with integrity.

Self-worth also grants

the unshakable strength of serenity.

Serenity that is surrounded with your Faith ~

Faith in a living god.

Claim time to connect with our living God

as he is God of the living.

Fear separates us from

the Love of Our Heavenly Father.

I am serene…..

I am still……

I am…

I release all of my fears to

Our Heavenly Father

& he carries them away-

Precious hub of the Sacred Heart,

Surround your people with

Truth, Honor & True Love

The Archangels surround you in your quest.

Call on Archangel Jophiel 

The Archangel of Divine Beauty

& Heavenly Illumination  for humanity….

Wisdom of the Godhead

Return to your Source

The Root of what grew into

what you are now.

Seek Your Original Purpose

Culture Charity & Education

for your heart to be filled

with the real living god

The teaching of God’s Guidance

Yeshua’s Unconditional Love

The Presence of the Holy Spirit

with Modern Translation

updated from old

misleading representations


& Modern Definition of the Holy Spirit

The Presence & Assistance

of Heavenly Angels as

accepted before

The equal Sacred Divinity 


Male & Female as aspects of

God in divine compliment

to each other & to all creation.