Archive | February 2012

Upwards Towards Heaven

Stand tall & strong together

with your roots anchored firmly in Earth

& your Head’s crown of light

reaching upwards towards Heaven in prayer.

Allow God’s Heavenly Light

to filter through you to others ~

Bathe their path with the sunshine

of your love & watch the blankets of

Heavenly flowers grow.

~ You are Divine ~ 



Arise! Arise

with Heaven’s Light

through the stars~

become one with

Heavenly Light ~

Say yes to God &

let your answer



the Universe.

The Divine

  Becoming one with heavenly light

allows God’s love to

pour forth unto our souls…

& as we continue to spread love

to each other throughout the world,

Earth is blanketed in shields

of protective love & light.

Bringing peace & harmony to all.

The Divine in me loves the divine in you.

Trust This

The hand of God is everywhere

in different forms, colors,

languages, creatures,

nature & LOVE.

Trust this.

All Around Us

Peace within glows


our hearts & faces




all around us.

Don’t give up ~

Have Faith.