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May Heaven’s Love Light Flow Around You

♥ ‘May Heaven’s love light flow around you ♥ Heaven’s LOVE vibrates & travels on a frequency not seen by most human eyes ~ But like sound waves or other light waves that does not mean it is not there ~ You can ‘feel’ Heaven’s light flowing around you ~ a beautiful heart warming comfort of Love & Peace that helps Joy bubble in & around you ~ close your eyes a moment…. breathe deep & slow… ask f

or our love… think LOVE….. feel a shift in your sensations…. Know you are LOVED ~ practice makes perfect’ ♥

Heaven’s Angels

♥ Sending EVERYONE LOVE ♥ Welcome ALL new likes ♥ Angels Light World Wide & Sacred Heart Blessings of Angels Love is still managing some computer issues at the moment but will return to normal messaging of personalised welcomes as soon as possible ♥ We so miss messaging you all day everyday ♥

Blessings for All

♥ ‘So many blessings

available for all ~

It is through

the most peaceful hearts

that the most glamorous

gardens shine ~

breathe love ~

be a part of

Earth’s transformation’ ♥


Heaven’s Angels

Heaven on Earth

♥ ‘The return of Heaven on earth is exciting many of you ~

For some without the ability if visualization Heaven

still rests in the black & white of the written words

that are non~dimensional ~

The words were meant to help you visualize, understand, guide 


stay true to your hearts


each other while some of the Ancient words were actual vibratory callings or tones

~ We through the ages have asked many of you to

hold Heaven in your hearts ~

This request was to keep you connected & also encouraging

you to love & love all with the force of Heaven &

lead your minds away from deleterious thoughts

so that they would not manifest in creation ~

What many of you are experiencing is nothing ‘new age’

on the contrary it is Ancient Experience ~

It is also not science fiction but the pouring of God’s love

onto earth from Heaven  ~

The different waves you are

experiencing are all part of his plan ~

We are his instruments of divine love ~

a frequency irreplaceable by anything man made

except through the arts of music, art


the visuals that words evoke in your minds

~ also the memory


teachings of God’s incarnated Angels ~

You are so loved beautiful children of Heaven’

♥ LOVE ♥ (((xoxoxo))),

Heaven & Heaven’s Angels

Heaven’s Angels of Marriage

♥ ‘May your marriages be blessed by the Angels of Marriage ♥

Archangel Chamuel, Guardian Angel Vehuia


the Archangel Sophia bless marriages that are rocky

with the purest of white light from

the Holy Spirit & God’s Will

♥ Marriage is Sacred in Heaven ♥

Sacred White Light is served by all of God’s Angels

with different aspects

♥ Sacred White Light carries both Alpha & Omega energies

married by the pink frequency of heart love

& is often used in answer to prayer callings w

here marriage is involved ♥

The combination of these lights quickly dissolves

imagined conflict into balanced understanding

between man & woman ♥

Sacred white light also dissolves potential

intruders of a marriage ♥

The Angels of marriage can also be asked

to clear the path to each other if you have not met’

♥ LOVE ♥ (((xoxoxo))),

The Angels of Marriage

Divine Spirit

Angelic Blessings of The Divine Spirit

Blessing us as our hearts

& hands reach towards Heaven

Delivered by his Holy angels

In Multitudes

for the Multitudes


Encompassing the World.


If we all could see

the pure ecstatic joy…

Angels feel when we call on them…

As they rush to our service…

Delivering Heaven’s Love & Light…

As messengers for God….

Coming close to us

in the breath of our dreams…

Helping make our dreams

& pure thoughts….

Align with Heaven..

Creating our Heaven on Earth.

As promised…

Love Blessings

When our  Hearts shine with love light

we shine Love Blessings of Truth,

Hope  & Faith on all…

Remember to turn your heart light on…

Think  LOVE.