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Peppermint Dreams

Peppermint Dreams, am I the only one?

swirls of light ascend to heaven

filled with the hope of dreams once had.

I played, I danced,

but was I truly free?

filled with the love of peppermint dreams

my life was the adventure

I dreamed, we laughed

our imaginations flew in swirls of light

As our dreams ascended to heaven

To the pure delight of love above

Peppermint dreams that I once had

Did I really sell my dreams of life? 

My place in the garden of love?

Or have my dreams been stolen from me?

Am I surrounded with toxic misery? 

Do I want my innocence Back?

I came here to learn, but now I choose to teach!

With the help of Heaven up above

In the field of dreams 

where the one

heart Beats

The never ending sound of the love inside!




Help me Change!

To the light of love



Upwards Towards Heaven

Stand tall & strong together

with your roots anchored firmly in Earth

& your Head’s crown of light

reaching upwards towards Heaven in prayer.

Allow God’s Heavenly Light

to filter through you to others ~

Bathe their path with the sunshine

of your love & watch the blankets of

Heavenly flowers grow.

~ You are Divine ~ 


The Veil is Broken

May your spirit be as tall as the sky and as fluid as the sea ~ Clear, open, receptive ~ attaching you firmly to Heaven & Earth ~ become the Grail ~ a vessel for Divine Light igniting your Sacred Heart to spread the light flame to each other with open hearts of pure intention & Heavenly Love ~ Smile, Relax, Breathe ~ Be ~ Melt softly into the Heavenly Gateways ~ Join Us ~You are loved ~ You are wanted ~ You are Divine