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Trust This

The hand of God is everywhere

in different forms, colors,

languages, creatures,

nature & LOVE.

Trust this.

Belief Gives Miracles Strength

Believe In Miracles by Toni Grote

Miracles are real.

They happen everyday.

                           Some Miracles are tiny…

Other Miracles are HUGE…

                   Some Miracles happen

                  & we never really know…

            ~ they are invisible Miracles ~

        Without Miracles our outcomes

                  would be completely different.

This is why we need to give thanks

Morning & Night

for all that is seen & unseen.

The funny thing is ~ the more we believe in

Miracles the more the Miracles happen.

Miracles are the result of

Divine Intervention.

Heavenly Energy intervenes upon Earth

stopping negativity or supporting positive &

sometimes both.

Transforming what could have would have

might have been into something better.

Miracles can also appear as a ray of Hope

amidst darkness.

Belief gives Miracles strength.

Entrust Your Heart

Angel & Heart Tattoo by Gabriel Cece 

Once our hearts become bigger than our pride we are ready for true love.

~ Entrust your HEART to the Angels of Heaven… They help us all trust again ~