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Growing Up

Kids exhausting you? Keep in mind….

Growing up is

Long days but short years…

You’ll miss those stressful days once you

realise they’ve disappeared into the

whirlpool of time!  

Breathe LOVE

Your Spirit Divine

Sitting here feeling forlorn

as the world turns

Hold on with Faith & Hope

Always seeing the Ladder to Light ~

The Way from the darkness of Fear

Glorious Blessings of Transformation

from Spirit Divine

Kissing us as the sun kisses

a velvet scented flower to warm its honey

Lifting our spirits to

the realm of Soul Divine

Always there just waiting to give us Hope

~ Love, Courage & Help is always there ~

Divine Spirit

Angelic Blessings of The Divine Spirit

Blessing us as our hearts

& hands reach towards Heaven

Delivered by his Holy angels

In Multitudes

for the Multitudes


Encompassing the World.

Ever Increasing

Having Faith in what is seen by some

yet unseen by many…..

Opens the etheric windows

from Heaven

& increases heavenly

visualisation on earth 

We are around you all

protecting Humanity & Earth

Ever increasing your capacity for

Love, Peace & Harmony.

Love Blessings

When our  Hearts shine with love light

we shine Love Blessings of Truth,

Hope  & Faith on all…

Remember to turn your heart light on…

Think  LOVE.

Tall As The Sky

May your spirit be as tall as the sky

and as fluid as the sea.

~ Clear, open, receptive ~

attaching you firmly to Heaven & Earth.

~ become the Grail ~

a vessel for Divine Light

igniting your Sacred Heart to

spread the light flame to each other

with open hearts of pure intention

& Heavenly Love

~ Smile, Relax, Breathe, Be ~

Melt softly into the Heavenly Gateways.

Join Us……

~You are loved ~

~You are wanted~

~You are Divine~