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Heaven’s Angels of Marriage

♥ ‘May your marriages be blessed by the Angels of Marriage ♥

Archangel Chamuel, Guardian Angel Vehuia


the Archangel Sophia bless marriages that are rocky

with the purest of white light from

the Holy Spirit & God’s Will

♥ Marriage is Sacred in Heaven ♥

Sacred White Light is served by all of God’s Angels

with different aspects

♥ Sacred White Light carries both Alpha & Omega energies

married by the pink frequency of heart love

& is often used in answer to prayer callings w

here marriage is involved ♥

The combination of these lights quickly dissolves

imagined conflict into balanced understanding

between man & woman ♥

Sacred white light also dissolves potential

intruders of a marriage ♥

The Angels of marriage can also be asked

to clear the path to each other if you have not met’

♥ LOVE ♥ (((xoxoxo))),

The Angels of Marriage

May You Be Blessed

 May you be blessed with

the healing light & love of

Archangel Chamuel…

Ask for the highest love vibration

light blessings from Chamuel

& his Archeia Charity…

They are blessing with this

beautiful deep pink love light

that transforms anything of anti-love.

Some describe the light color as magenta

others as deep ruby like a fine red wine.

Feeling Blue?

Melt your heart’s sorrow

Ask for beautiful calm protective healing Angels….

Soothing tranquil healing light….


to clear and soothe your troubles…



and encourage your heart to blossom…


into the Angel Heart that you are. 


Feel the joy of Heaven…

Spread for everyone…

Trust This

The hand of God is everywhere

in different forms, colors,

languages, creatures,

nature & LOVE.

Trust this.

Twin Flame Love

Embracing our darkness….

                 we shed the light  

                            onto facets of ourselves

only to find

             they are one and the same  

                     like the moon and sun

dancing with earth

               in complete Union

                          celebrated by the Stars.

You are me and I am you.

 ~ We are all of each other~

Dare those that tamper with Heaven Divine.

Spiritual Gifts

Spiritual Gifts

~ Our Spiritual gifts from Heaven are so varied, unique & individual ~ We are gifts to each other when we shine our TRUE light ~ We become blessings to each others souls ~ Be yourself & shine ~ You never know what blessing you may be giving someone else with your LOVE ~


The Tree of Life is Nourished by our Human Soul Love ~ This all begins with true love & acceptance of oneself as we then are free to accept & love all others ~ The LOVE we generate attracts more & more LOVE until we all are Liquid Love Light Nourishing all.