Healing the Toxic Shame

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Been down to the dungeon of Toxic shame where the devil dwells and swells his poisonous hurt through venom pulsing through my veins
firewater chemicals replacing what was meant to be endorphins of love coming from the swollen womb of mother the birthing womb of the universe my father’s pride. A genetic allergy to rotten fruit, grain, vegetables putrid in their contamination… oh but it is legal… powers that be making it alright to poison flushing our waters with toxins evaporating into the sky raining down.. just in case the first visit with the devil’s juice didn’t kill me… and the maestro’s concoctions did not chain me to insanity

man looking up
laying in the gutter with dirt in my mouth, refuse under my nails the stars delivered hope and renewal all through the mercy of you. a separate chance a new beginning cutting the psychic toxic family chord of disease replacing it with air and love – spirit and water- seeing the pain spread from my veins to theirs beloveds innocent and ripped seeking the numbness respite from the deep carved wounds of self.
I found you, I keep finding you… I see you, I hear you I feel you a silent glimpse into possibility of love without pain, love without conditions love without toxins love fulfilling of all that was meant to be.

Aurora @ 2013


Anointment with essential oils helps purify and also protect our soul…

Essential oil from rose,




angelica archangelica

are just a few of Heaven’s

Gifts in Nature

Ancient Knowledge Must be Preserved

For us to survive the Future

Heavenly Intercession For World Hunger


Eden in Peril

Like the breath of skilled ancients

we slowly wake up

& remember wisdom lain fallow as we

slept during our spiritual slavery

for centuries…..

The inverted knowledge of God

& his plan for us — The original that has

nothing to do with killing each other,

starvation. or environmental sabatage.

but as the loyal patience of

God’s heavenly creations

await us

~ enriching gifts 

so lovingly lain for us…

He waits on an energy

of decaying earth – an Eden in peril ~

waiting, breathing with us

sending all that he may….

Genetic Engineer

Heaven is the only genetic engineer we need….

amber waves,

spacious skies,

butterscotch sunshine


pure rain.


Angel Sacrificing Her Wings for Free Will

We all have free will ~

the choice is ours…

it is true though that in the end

and along the way

of our journey…

~ free will isn’t free ~

…it can be very expensive

for instance the cost of

our true happiness,

our true love.

our true selves,

our true career

& sometimes our life….

but most importantly is

the life of Earth….

~ think about it ♥

Feeling Blue?

Melt your heart’s sorrow

Ask for beautiful calm protective healing Angels….

Soothing tranquil healing light….


to clear and soothe your troubles…



and encourage your heart to blossom…


into the Angel Heart that you are. 


Feel the joy of Heaven…

Spread for everyone…

Upwards Towards Heaven

Stand tall & strong together

with your roots anchored firmly in Earth

& your Head’s crown of light

reaching upwards towards Heaven in prayer.

Allow God’s Heavenly Light

to filter through you to others ~

Bathe their path with the sunshine

of your love & watch the blankets of

Heavenly flowers grow.

~ You are Divine ~ 

Recovering Love

time flickering


pages backwards flight…



~flight focus ~

turquoise pools

marble floors

tinkling piano

strumming guitars

a hearty soprano






rumbling engines ring




deep deep eyes …

twisted hearts

bursting into bloom

spreading on different vines

separating up trellis

on a garden wall

heading for the sun

sweet rays

aged sweet splendor

finding each other

at the top of the wall

at the top of the wall

Hello fellow Rose…

we survived…….

– AURORA @2010 ~ 2012

time flickering

pages backwards flight…



flight focus ~

turquoise pools

marble floors

tinkling piano

 strumming guitarsa hearty soprano


sweatwater…rumbling engines ring

laughtersmilesdeep deep eyes …twisted hearts

 bursting into bloom

 spreading on different vinesseparating up trellison a garden wallheading for the sunsweet raysaged sweet splendor

finding each other

at the top of the wallat the top of the wall Hello fellow Rose…


we survived…….

– AURORA @2010 ~ 2012