Angels Light Our Way

Before heavy decisions always call on Heavenly Angels.


If ever you feel anger call on Heavenly Angels.


If ever you feel lost & alone call on Heavenly Angels.


If ever frightened call on Heavenly Angels.


If ever in the dark call on Heavenly Angels.


Angels Light Our Way


You Are LOVE 

‎*~ ♥  Let your HEART LOVE be as supple, deep, rich & velvet soft while silken strong ♥ Miracles do happen often ~ especially when we think loving thoughts or even just the word LOVE replacing any other thoughts ~ You are LOVED ~ You are LOVE ♥ ~ *

Archangel Michael & the Love of God ~ Featuring Angel Artwork by Saundra Elise

Our beloved Archangel Michael

with all of God’s gifted love

& might defending

our every battle with diligence,

honor, love


integrity is Heaven’s greatest Archangel ~

God knew Archangel Michael

never tired in his spiritual battle for truth,

but God also knew that even

with his countless legions of warrior Angels

Archangel Michael was lonely deep in his heart….

where romance lives.

God longed to see Archangel Michael in LOVE….

pure wild romantic heart fluttering love ~

the kind of LOVE that God knows makes you quiver.

That soul inspired deep Heaven sent adoration

that you read about in Fairy Tales.

So God went ahead &

orchestrated romance for Archangel Michael

to be reunited with his twin soul~

the other half of the divine spark of God’s creations

so that Archangel Michael may once again

experience true heart love

spreading it far & wide~

Archangel Michael was

so very devoted to Heaven’s service

guarding so many in need

that romance was not on his mind ~

His service to those in despair,

under psychic attack

or experiencing supernatural

events on Earth

he healed & shielded

Archangel Michael was so busy defending

God’s way & Humanity

that the other Archangels thought romance

for Archangel Michael was a lost cause…

but God knew just what to do….

He asked the choirs of Angels to play

Heaven’s Music of romance

especially for Archangel Michael….

God knew if they played long enough

& loud enough

the inspiration of music

would tug at the strings of

Archangel Michael’s heart


lead him to seek his divine other ~

the same emotional strings

that God uses to tug on your hearts

~ the yearning to bond with your other.

So the music of the heart

played throughout the Universe

beautifully vibrating the universal chords of LOVE

in different heart healing frequencies

Every person of every Faith

found themselves devoted to Romance!

Rose petals showered in blessings ~

Choirs & Seraphim sang ~

Twin souls met each other ~

creativity flourished in architecture,

banquets, poetry, art  ~ 

A long age of romance showed on Earth

because many in Heaven

& on Earth prayed

consciously & unconsciously

that our beloved, courageous,

devoted Archangel Michael

would open his heart

to romance

seeking to reunite

with his divine soul twin

~ His spark of life from God ~

The call for Archangel Michael’s heart

to join with his beloved twin soul

filled the universe & captured his heart…

even though at the time

she was incarnated as an Earth Angel

he knew the moment they met.

that he had no other choice

but to gratefully join with his love

~ she was made for him, from him, of him

as he was made for her from her of her ~

the perfect puzzle of God’s fit.

From that moment on Archangel Michael

vowed never to

separate from his twin soul.

He defends true love marriage

with a mighty warrior’s legion ~

call on him to protect you & your love ~

what God wants put together,

no one shall take apart.


all artwork by Saundra Elise!/media/set/?set=a.103498456473397.6240.100004397285109&type=3

Laws of Love

♥ ‘May you be embraced by

the wonder of Heaven’s wisdom ♥

All of Heaven’s wisdom is made from

the laws of deepest love~

 ♥ Respect, honor & kindness’ ♥

Love, (((( xoxoxox))))

Heaven’s Angels

Creation Plan

God has a plan

that is not a





A plan of




Where we create with








all artwork by Daniel Marlin

available for purchase on

Finding Your Soul Twin

That yearning searching feeling in your tummy for your Soul Twin Divine Love can be eased and draw you both closer together from where ever you both are in the world by sitting still, closing your eyes, calling on Angels and then by breathing in and seeing the word LOVE, saying the word LOVE outloud or to yourself & visualising deep ruby pink LIGHT all around you and then breathing out while seeing hearing the word LOVE while keeping the visual of deep ruby pink LIGHT around you. You may play beautiful music of your choice… music that feels like it opens your heart’s emotions… or listen to Solfeggio Healing Frequency tones found on YouTube. com 852 hz is Sacred Divine Unconditional Love & Spiritual Order or 528 hz Miracle Healing Tone (also a frequency of LOVE). Repeat breathing Love until you feel your heart chakra (energy portal) open up … it may feel like a blossoming rose or your favourite flower…. Love energy will them spread from your heart and ‘search’ for its match in divine compliment….. Think no one’s name nor hypothesize whom it might be…. Let the energy of love flow…

~ From ‘Connecting Hearts ~ Matching Your Soul Twin’ – @ 2012

E-Book in Progress. Contact for more information.

The Warmth Of Love

Soft as down she murmurs

the warmth of love does rustle

bringing to life a watercolor horizon

of dreams where we do fly

Twin Souls II

I know you’re there~

I hear you whisper….

with every breath


flutter of my heart

The only thing I want

The only thing I want from you

Is for your heart to grow in love

Into the truth of who you are…

Our Father’s divine creation!

 To be by your side

And grow beside you.

Knowing only love!

The love of our heavenly Father!

Like A Rainbow….

It starts out small…

gaining size…


through like matter…

a snowball rolling…

~over & over~

….connecting to itself….

a magnet of light….



our belly

gently carressing

feather tingles

carving the channel to the heart…

Bursting alive in God like LOVE

a sacred heart of devotion  

that burns so bright

nothing false may live there….

we might be

or maybe

or somewhat be

acclimated to


world adoration

spreading far

spreading wide

…………….with our at first wet wings of the newborn………….

that dry to a gentle gossamer flow…

testing unconditional love

melding hearts with the ALL……………………………

swiftly then

our mirror arrives…

picture perfect reflection….



glistening jewel even we trepidate to touch…. 

full length suspended in timeless time……

our divine compliment,

our flip~sided twisted soul…

the other half of God’s divine spark

burning for each other without a place to land……

beckoning us to follow

into the labyrinth realms of self  & sages

through the eyes of our loving God

& into ourselves…

akashic engravings translating through time…

in our human thrashing…

laying threshed on the floor…..

in bits of hull and mustard seed…

running from ourselves

only to find the love magnet pulls us together…

our bellys finding themselves…

in grappling exposure to each other ~

our hearts’ light joinery strengthens…

the tugging pulling wrestle stops…

the spices of heaven flow in

all is okay….

never mind the voices of fear in your head…

follow the knowing…

to where you are meant to be…

Where kisses melt like honey drops…

and hands meld into one…

………………..hearts connecting………

8888888  creating spheres of light 8888888

*~ embossing our innocence ~ *

as we gently offer love to all….