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Path of the Spiritual Warrior

Our Living Father 

Our Living Lord

Holy Spirit

Want you to know the truth….

but you must seek!

Turn to your Heart

 Our Heavenly Father has many Angels

in his command

Ask him to show you the path!

The Path

Of the


A path only the brave can go!

For your enjoyment!!

Sing &Dance

with your Spirit!


In the Glory of the great I am 

Dedicated to the tribes of the Americas

Thank you  Deborah


By accepting the spirit of others.


Giving reverence

  to the one living god…

You accept the truth of your own spirit!


 One day all hosts on Mother Earth will know freedom!

Return To Eden

An intellect driven by ego!

Manipulated by forces from the tree of knowledge!

The way Back!

An intellect driven by the Heart!

Your Heart!

Your connection to all!

The Grail of Eden Belongs to our heavenly Father!

Host of hosts!

Ask for help to find your grail!!

If your intent is good!

Armies of our heavenly fathers angels await your command!

You can’t find the grail

If you don’t believe it’s there!

We will turn your Belief



A deep heart-felt connection to the truth!

A truth that only you can find!

 A truth all divine hearts share!