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Gold Meditation

Picture your self in a beautiful Prairie


feel the wind gently blow against your face.


hands risen in the air

in awe at the wonders of creator


Dreams  and wishes

ascend in the wind.

jinny jo

Spirit of White Eagle


His arms aloft prayer stick in hand,

welcoming our Holy Father the Great Spirit

White eagle


Lightning bolts descend thru the skies

  Your emotional heart awakens

to its fullest potential…


I AM of the Lord


I AM Gold fill my soul,

fill me with Divinity of Heaven

I AM Gold, I am of the Lord,

Defend me Holy Father Great Spirit


♥ Let me know thine Love ♥


Path of the Spiritual Warrior

Our Living Father 

Our Living Lord

Holy Spirit

Want you to know the truth….

but you must seek!

Turn to your Heart

 Our Heavenly Father has many Angels

in his command

Ask him to show you the path!

The Path

Of the


A path only the brave can go!

For your enjoyment!!

Sing &Dance

with your Spirit!


In the Glory of the great I am 

Dedicated to the tribes of the Americas

Thank you  Deborah


By accepting the spirit of others.


Giving reverence

  to the one living god…

You accept the truth of your own spirit!


 One day all hosts on Mother Earth will know freedom!

Your Spirit Divine

Sitting here feeling forlorn

as the world turns

Hold on with Faith & Hope

Always seeing the Ladder to Light ~

The Way from the darkness of Fear

Glorious Blessings of Transformation

from Spirit Divine

Kissing us as the sun kisses

a velvet scented flower to warm its honey

Lifting our spirits to

the realm of Soul Divine

Always there just waiting to give us Hope

~ Love, Courage & Help is always there ~

Divine Spirit

Angelic Blessings of The Divine Spirit

Blessing us as our hearts

& hands reach towards Heaven

Delivered by his Holy angels

In Multitudes

for the Multitudes


Encompassing the World.


Connecting to the power of your land, your culture.

surrendering to the flow of life!

Allows for the wisdom of the ages to soak in to your being!

Be confident in the opportunities that are coming your way!



Of all the people!

Allows for a committed vision by all!

Call on

Arch angel Gabriel

For grace and purification!

Let your spirit fly!

Love is the way!


Spread your wings, let your love fly!

Laughter leads the way!

Brings healing, removes stale energies that serve you no more.

Rejuvenate’s the spirit!

for the people must be ready for the  opportunities  to come!

surrendering  to the flow of life!

connecting with your land 

Frees your spirit,  and the spirit of others

Breathing  in your connection to our heavenly father!


Your spirit is free!





To Lands beyond your wildest dreams!

To lands beyond your wildest dreams 

Where the heart Soars!

Angels come to show the way!

To the lands you make; Please Please Please believe. 

For Eden is her name!


We, are made for our living God’s pleasure! 

A delight you should and can see! 

Where fairies roam.

They tend to her needs!

The Fairy could be you?

To the land

Where Angels play 

The angel could be you? 

Please Please Please See!

Awake, Shine,

Be true to your own Heart!

To thine heart be true!

Follow your heart!

Attune to the frequency 

Of love

And you will see!


For truth is all there can be!

The door is open!

The time!


That’s up to you!

The Garden of your heart Awaits! 

Your dreams are your reality!

The reality of who you are!

As on earth as in heaven!

As in heaven could be as on earth!

“you are creator”

“Build it they will come”


Our holy father can do that 

did you not know?


you take one step towards your heart god takes ten towards you!


Winds of love

The wind of love surrounds me. 

Your ever lasting breath.

Washing my woes away.

I feel you my heavenly father.



With acceptance and Gratitude




I thank you for my breath.



my untainted connection to your love. 



With every breath you fill me my father.




I’m Grateful there is no escape.


You surround me my heavenly father.

For each step I take, 

I step in to your love.


For my heart knows no other way.


“Breath of life I bow to you”

Age of the Holy Spirit


As the Old Testament is of the Father,  the New Testament is of the Son ~ right now is the age and Testament of the Holy Spirit ~ the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

Tumult is always expressed during times of change: we are creatures of habit whose minds cling to what we think we know passed through generations.

Resistance to this age of our Holy Spirit has been anticipated & expected ~ as with every evolution resistance swings far in one direction and then the opposite direction before mediating to common ground.

Resistance to the individuals who are awakening to this age is also expected & has been anticipated by experts for many years. Resistance has been written in both Old & New Books.

For the many of us that have awakened we never confuse or impose a restriction on our Holy Spirit within mandates of any religion although aspects of the Holy Spirit do exist, reside and flourish in many religions. The evolution is eclectic and the process of sifting through & threshing the grain has long been in progress.

Take♥ a few moments to ponder that you are more than you think you are… Egotistical?  No.

Ego is a result of our true nature being repressed into a tin can pressure cooker that is pinging energy at the sides screaming look at me in response to being admonished by false power in our spirituality.

Knowing that we as Heaven’s creations are truly marvelous and taking the time out to ponder is a practice good for nourishing our own soul and showing gratitude to our maker. Yes gratitude. Do we make a list of things we don’t like about gifts given to us and say to the giver,  “I don’t like this, this & this”? Or do we rejoice in what we have received showing our thanks in joy and saying ,”Thank you for blessing me”?

Many of us understand religions of this world have failed our Holy Divine Father. Some of us still seek solace in the plush skirts of religions. It is comfortable to stay with what we know and the wisest do not wish to throw the baby out with the bath water. But ALL of us want the truth – An authentic relationship with Heaven.

Seek with your Heart ~ We are all ♥connected to Divine Holy Father, the Divine Holy Mother & the Ministries of Heaven whether we want to believe it or not . We either flow with this connection or fight against the connection.

Choose to love your self, your spouse, your brother, your sister, your neighbor, your foe.

Sounds simple but it is only for those brave enough to let go…. let go & grow. Allow the Holy Spirit to cleanse & rejuvenate your spirit ~ every ocean is fed fresh water from flowing sources to keep it from stagnation ~ the flow of the Holy Spirit feeds us all. The Holy Spirit is the giver of life. ~ channeled through Brian November 2011 11/11 copyright @ 2011 AngelslightWorldwide