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Gold Meditation

Picture your self in a beautiful Prairie


feel the wind gently blow against your face.


hands risen in the air

in awe at the wonders of creator


Dreams  and wishes

ascend in the wind.

jinny jo

Spirit of White Eagle


His arms aloft prayer stick in hand,

welcoming our Holy Father the Great Spirit

White eagle


Lightning bolts descend thru the skies

  Your emotional heart awakens

to its fullest potential…


I AM of the Lord


I AM Gold fill my soul,

fill me with Divinity of Heaven

I AM Gold, I am of the Lord,

Defend me Holy Father Great Spirit


♥ Let me know thine Love ♥


Any one can Love

Ganesha Loves

Our Living god

Is God of the living

If he is real you can walk to him

But only the brave of heart

Can venture

Down this path

Allow our living God

to replace the





Can you find the god given courage

Young Warrior


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Daisy Love.

Is the flower petal separate from the other petals?

Are the petals separate from the flower?

Is the flower separate from the ground?

Is the land separate from the lands?

Is our mother separate from the universe?

Is the universe separate from other universes?

Are the universes separate from the creator?

The only separation is the separation you create.

Awaken to your place in our heavenly Father’s creation!

Love thyself!

Return To Eden

An intellect driven by ego!

Manipulated by forces from the tree of knowledge!

The way Back!

An intellect driven by the Heart!

Your Heart!

Your connection to all!

The Grail of Eden Belongs to our heavenly Father!

Host of hosts!

Ask for help to find your grail!!

If your intent is good!

Armies of our heavenly fathers angels await your command!

You can’t find the grail

If you don’t believe it’s there!

We will turn your Belief



A deep heart-felt connection to the truth!

A truth that only you can find!

 A truth all divine hearts share!