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Petals of Love

Allowing our angels to wash away our fears!


As sprinkle’s of heavenly light …

petals of light….

Fill your soul!


To show you how truly beautiful you are!!

For each Leaf is an angel that loves you more than you know…

let them carry you through life!

Beams of light

Beams of light descending down!

To lands that are never walked!

Hands are at the ready!

To go where the heart soars!

Life continues around you 

and for the eyes that cannot see 

The love in your heart 

shines forth!

To a day all will see! 

The divine goddess/god, that resides within you! 

For service is the key!

Dream your wisdom !!

And laugh out loud 

for our 

Holy father 

loves you! 

As real as real can be! 

Flying in to the arms of love!


Let the whispers of your heart soar!

To heights the mind can never go!

For your truth lies with in your heart!

Whispers that have been calling you

Before you knew!!!

Oh knight of Divine love!

Express your hearts Desire!

You don’t need to know how to spell, you don’t need to know how to read!

Be my Defender!

In your heart! A heart I gave you!

And I will defend you! 

For my armies will walk beside you!

So many of my children have expressed memories

Unknown to them!

Of the truth of who they are!


The great eagle sees further than the human eye!


Let the whispers lead you to the lands of your dreams!