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Gold Meditation

Picture your self in a beautiful Prairie


feel the wind gently blow against your face.


hands risen in the air

in awe at the wonders of creator


Dreams  and wishes

ascend in the wind.

jinny jo

Spirit of White Eagle


His arms aloft prayer stick in hand,

welcoming our Holy Father the Great Spirit

White eagle


Lightning bolts descend thru the skies

  Your emotional heart awakens

to its fullest potential…


I AM of the Lord


I AM Gold fill my soul,

fill me with Divinity of Heaven

I AM Gold, I am of the Lord,

Defend me Holy Father Great Spirit


♥ Let me know thine Love ♥


Healing Path

Your spirit Has no bounds 

Dare to dream

Let your imagination fly 

Heal the world like a marble in your hand 

Yes you can!

Peppermint Dreams

Peppermint Dreams, am I the only one?

swirls of light ascend to heaven

filled with the hope of dreams once had.

I played, I danced,

but was I truly free?

filled with the love of peppermint dreams

my life was the adventure

I dreamed, we laughed

our imaginations flew in swirls of light

As our dreams ascended to heaven

To the pure delight of love above

Peppermint dreams that I once had

Did I really sell my dreams of life? 

My place in the garden of love?

Or have my dreams been stolen from me?

Am I surrounded with toxic misery? 

Do I want my innocence Back?

I came here to learn, but now I choose to teach!

With the help of Heaven up above

In the field of dreams 

where the one

heart Beats

The never ending sound of the love inside!




Help me Change!

To the light of love




The Gift of healing comes with

learning to love yourself.
 Making a list of your strengths

& graces nourishes your soul.

  Learning ways to balance all of you.

Ways of service to yourself

& also others…

Brings you to the greatest love…

Harmony of self…

Peace & Serenity….

Blessing the depths of your soul.


your different

aspects of self

into a whole.

Angelic peace surrounds you….


Angelic Love blesses you….

Raise yourself up

to meet their love…

& bring the Heaven you

learn back to Earth. 

Feel the blessings of

a new beginning…

Feel the creation of Love….

 & Look forward to blessings… 

Truly Live

If the excitement,


& joy of LIFE

has come to a standstill for you…

a barren ghost town where you feel lost…

Ask the universe to color your life

with Heavenly dreams & inspiration….


Watch & feel as your heart’s true calling

speeds up and manifests in your life…

And you dream yourself back to life

with your purest heart hopes…

 & all of your creation dreams

awaken the deepest

spirit longings of your soul…

… This is when you truly live… 

with Heaven’s will on Earth


Let the whispers of your heart soar!

To heights the mind can never go!

For your truth lies with in your heart!

Whispers that have been calling you

Before you knew!!!

Oh knight of Divine love!

Express your hearts Desire!

You don’t need to know how to spell, you don’t need to know how to read!

Be my Defender!

In your heart! A heart I gave you!

And I will defend you! 

For my armies will walk beside you!

So many of my children have expressed memories

Unknown to them!

Of the truth of who they are!


The great eagle sees further than the human eye!


Let the whispers lead you to the lands of your dreams!










*~ ♥ Dreams come true when we believe and follow

Divine Inspiration as a light on our path ~

Dream your miracles into happening!!

Let them multiply small at first and then greater ♥ ~ *

Dream Work Healing

Psyche's Dream by Josephine Wall

Dream work heals our soul.

During sleep our soul

unfettered by ego

rises in journey to

the Angelic Realm

for intensive

Healing of