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Archangel Raphael

♥ ‘ I come to you with the softest of dreams

sometimes gently brushing your cheek

to let you know I am here ♥

I am Raphael ~ Heaven’s Divine Physician ~

My name means God Heals ♥

I come to you in waves of etheric love

that you may or may not feel ~

I prefer to use deep emerald green healing frequency

but I also use other colors sometimes

the softest of pink to harmonise the LOVE in your soul

that nourishes your body

♥ Archangel Chamuel & I work closely together

to create strong love & dissipate everything else but LOVE ~

One of my gifts is the ability to appear

to you as a full human a figure

you may recognise or feel comfortable with

~ I may lead you where you need to go ~

give you direction or play you a song ~

I also love filtering through your creations

whether they be music, art or words

so that you can heal others thru my inspiration ~

The Inspiration of Heaven’s Father ~

God has gifted me many assistant angels

to help heal earth & humanity

~ Call on me in love & faith

& I’ll make my presence known’

GOD’S LOVE ♥ (((xoxoxo))),

Archangel Raphael