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The Way of Heaven can be so simple….

Often I pray for clarity ~ simple descriptions to help all understand the miracle of Heavenly Prayer ~ Ways to simply depict what occurs during prayer for those that need to understand how this works. Give them an answer that their minds can comprehend as not all can ‘see’ Heaven working on Earth.

Blind Faith is perfect

but so many are confused & argue with each other that trust must be re-established to help many regain Faith.

Through pure prayer we attach to the healing light energy of the Holy Spirit. We let the miracle of our Heavenly Father fill us & miracles occur.

Why does some pain,





relieving us of our human burdens and others do not?

Earlier one of our teenagers had to wash a dried goopy saucepan amidst complaints of , ‘It’s sticky… Eeeeeiuw” as she was briskly rinsing the saucepan.

Not wanting to hear these complaints I took over….

After filling a sink with hot water and soap I lay the small saucepan in the sudsy water and placed the kitchen timer on for 10 minutes…

“What are you doing?” asked the teenager.

I answered, “Some things take time – let it soak awhile and it will come clean easily”.

The timer bleeped and I went to rinse the saucepan. Some its of dried on sauce was still adhered to the bottom and sides so I dunked the saucepan back into the water.

While picking the saucepan out of the water again I heard a teaching Angel…”It’s a bit like prayer….”

Being accustomed to angelic conversations I answered’ “What is?”

“The water”, I heard, “watch what happens”

After letting the saucepan soak I rinsed the bottom with the water hose spray. Stuck goo rinsed easily away…..

“See?” I heard… “The longer you leave the saucepan in the water the easier it is to clean – gunk just washes away”.

A few ribbons of gunk still stuck to the sides so I concentrated the water spray on these solid streaks…after a few moments the water quickly rinsed these tough bits away.  

“Now you see”, continued the Angel. “It takes longer for the lighter & smaller molecules of water & soap to permeate the molecules of the dense dried on sauce, but once it does… everything comes away clean”.

“That’s what prayer does”,

explained the Angel.

I got an image of Holy Light purging my soul and also attached to many others  bathing them in Heavenly Light.

“Prayer energy attracts & attaches to Holy Light ~ The Holy Light washes over us, through us & around us like soapy water displacing heavy dark energies or soul gunk with light smaller molecule energy ~ but really heavy gunk like the old dried on sauce is similar to old hurt, anger, sorrow & pain that causes disease of the soul, mind & body ~ so we need to pray just that little bit longer with more intense concentration allowing more Holy Light to permeate our souls and dissipate the denser hence ‘dark~stuff’ retained by the human body, mind & soul”.

I placed the small saucepan in the dish drainer…

the simplicity of the explanation

filled my heart with gratitude…

“Thank You”, I thought.

“You’re welcome” I heard.

Angelic Visitation & Healing

Angelic visitation and healing energy

through Angels & our hands is nothing new….

  the occurence has been written about

and painted for over 2000 yrs.


Last night before I went to sleep I turned off,

unplugged the electricity and

firmly closed the lid of my laptop.

I fell deep asleep.

An unknown time later something happened….

Just between the veil of asleep

& awake I dreamt an Angel of light

was speaking with me

and caressing my head…

I felt a gorgeous warm sunny heat

& saw beautiful light golden light.  

I stirred for a moment almost

waking fully before diving

back deep into slumbers…

I heard ‘wake up! wake up!’

I thought it was 7 am

and buried myself deeper

in soft feather duvet for that

luxurious few moments of slumber.

A few moments passed.

In the distance I heard a song called Angel Dream ~

the music tried tugging me awake….

I felt so loved and stayed asleep being lulled by music…. 

After a few moments my 18 yr old came into my room

asking, ‘Are you awake?’

It was dark in the room.

I answered… ‘Yes I’ll get up in a moment’.  

I sat up…

the room was dark but

the music was really

playing in my room…

it was coming from the

closed powerless laptop….

I looked at the clock…

3:33 am…

I asked my daughter…

‘Why are you awake?’

She answered ‘The dog was wining in my room.’ 

Confused I asked, ‘Why did you wake me up?’  

She looked at me puzzled & replied,

‘You were already awake’

‘No I wasn’t…’ I told her.

‘Wow Mom’, she said, ‘I heard music coming from

your room and the light was shining

out from under your bedroom door~

you were awake’…  

I started to say,

‘The light wasn’t on ‘ (because it wasn’t)

& then realised ‘something’ supernatural

must have been illuminating my room.

The same something that blanketed

me in healing heat & light,

the same something that woke

me up talking to me &

that played Angels Dream,

that disturbed the dog

and that woke my daughter up.

I am not sure what the something was

but I know it was beautiful,

I fell back asleep praying &

when awoke I knew a miracle had happened ~

what it was I am not quite sure yet…

but the contact was

different than before~

usually they give me signs and

I also hear/feel Angels ~

this was different ~

I feel deeply blessed.

~aurora 03/07/12