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*~ Remember you are beautiful,

                           remember you are love,

                                            remember… ~* 

United Kingdom

The path to your divine heart


New doors open to a greater understanding of self,

to a greater understanding

of our place in the universe.

Where all hearts are equal!

Sharing the one

Divine Heart

with our


Calling on Archangel


Working on the white ray of purification

& will transmute all unhealthy


About oneself


about others.

Thoughts that only serve to take you away from your

Divine Heart.

From the beauty you have inside ~

Beauty that has been tucked away.

Masked by the pains, hurts 


hidden emotional scars

of life. 

 Your soul is old and wise:

the constraints of the ego

will not hold it

any longer.

Becoming aware and having the courage

to follow

your divine heart!

Will free you

from the inequality

modern societies

would have you believe

is right!

Frees you

from the 



the illusion

of paper money.

where only a select few benefit.


to oneself

opens your heart

to the beauty you have inside.

Kindness melts away hostility.

By being kind to oneself,

is acknowledgement

of who you truly are

as an individual,


a Nation.

The bravery of a single individual 

to take the step towards love…

Towards your eternal spirit!

To come out of the darkness 

By releasing all fears and angers

that separate one from there eternal Spirit

can & will change all around you!

Seeking the joy in life!

Frees your spirit!


allows for the virtue of


To fill your every Breath

for each

Breath is a bestowed



 allows for new


prosperity that is not limited to 

monitory Value


allows the Universe

to bring new adventures

where all of a nation

can benefit! 

Drama surrounds all individuals



Whether or not one plays in the drama!

Drama comes from an unhealthy EGO 

based on the pains and hurts of old.

You are not your father’s Father!

Choose for the greater good of oneself

 Your Nation.

LOVE is the only way

The wonder of you

From a heart…




Heaven hears the

Hearts prayers 

With the flick of a wrist



Heavenly love 

Explosion of light

Of  a love

That’s deep inside 

Soon we learn

Our love is for all

A mission 

One heart to ignite the

Sacred Heart

Of All

As you journey

To the land

Of all you can be  

Dance to the truth

Of who you are 

For many will join you

In the forest of love

Dream your dreams


 you will see

Your reality

Appear before your eyes 


My Spirit is free

your passion is your purpose 

Be strong in a vision shared


For the highest good of a people 

Opens doors for all to benefit 

Breaking free from negative attachments 

Taking time

Connecting with your culture

Your land 

Brings freedom to the soul of a nation





frees a nation