Heaven on Earth

♥ ‘The return of Heaven on earth is exciting many of you ~

For some without the ability if visualization Heaven

still rests in the black & white of the written words

that are non~dimensional ~

The words were meant to help you visualize, understand, guide 


stay true to your hearts


each other while some of the Ancient words were actual vibratory callings or tones

~ We through the ages have asked many of you to

hold Heaven in your hearts ~

This request was to keep you connected & also encouraging

you to love & love all with the force of Heaven &

lead your minds away from deleterious thoughts

so that they would not manifest in creation ~

What many of you are experiencing is nothing ‘new age’

on the contrary it is Ancient Experience ~

It is also not science fiction but the pouring of God’s love

onto earth from Heaven  ~

The different waves you are

experiencing are all part of his plan ~

We are his instruments of divine love ~

a frequency irreplaceable by anything man made

except through the arts of music, art


the visuals that words evoke in your minds

~ also the memory


teachings of God’s incarnated Angels ~

You are so loved beautiful children of Heaven’

♥ LOVE ♥ (((xoxoxo))),

Heaven & Heaven’s Angels

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