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Finding Your Soul Twin

That yearning searching feeling in your tummy for your Soul Twin Divine Love can be eased and draw you both closer together from where ever you both are in the world by sitting still, closing your eyes, calling on Angels and then by breathing in and seeing the word LOVE, saying the word LOVE outloud or to yourself & visualising deep ruby pink LIGHT all around you and then breathing out while seeing hearing the word LOVE while keeping the visual of deep ruby pink LIGHT around you. You may play beautiful music of your choice… music that feels like it opens your heart’s emotions… or listen to Solfeggio Healing Frequency tones found on YouTube. com 852 hz is Sacred Divine Unconditional Love & Spiritual Order or 528 hz Miracle Healing Tone (also a frequency of LOVE). Repeat breathing Love until you feel your heart chakra (energy portal) open up … it may feel like a blossoming rose or your favourite flower…. Love energy will them spread from your heart and ‘search’ for its match in divine compliment….. Think no one’s name nor hypothesize whom it might be…. Let the energy of love flow…

~ From ‘Connecting Hearts ~ Matching Your Soul Twin’ – angelslightworldwide.com @ 2012


E-Book in Progress. Contact for more information.

Gospel of Mary pages 10 – 12

Peter said to Mary,

‘Sister we know that the Lord loved you

differently from anyone else.

Tell us if there were

words he spoke to you,

which we have not yet heard.’

And Mary answered Peter, saying,

‘I will now reveal to you that which

has not yet been made known to you.

I had a vision of our Lord,

and I said unto him:

“Lord, I see you now in a vision.”

And he said unto me:

“Mary you are blessed for

my appearance does not make you afraid.

Where the NOUS is there lies the treasure.”

I replied to him:

“Lord when someone meets you in a vision,

is it through our soul

that we are able to see you,

or is it through our spirit?”

And the Lord answered,

“Mary it is neither.

But it is the NOUS between the two

which sees the vision, and it is this

which makes us fully human.

When we become fully human,

we become one whole body of light.

The ‘One breath.

When we join that ‘one’ breath

we become whole;

we become ‘at -one’.

The breath conjoins


at the midpoint

which is the Heart,

called the noon of our being.

This is where the NOUS lies.

We are all aspects of life,

of ‘one’ being,

of ‘one’ whole.

All aspects of life

have to be overcome.

It is true that everything

in our physical structure

is composed and will decompose

but we can overcome this process.

All that is composed is of the elements,

and our attachment is to this structure.

Dissociate your soul from matter.

Once the two are apart the ascent can begin.

The breath sustains the soul and gives it life,

and it is this which detaches

you from matter.

It is through the NOUS that we see

for it is the eye of the vision

within the soul

and it is with the vision

of the NOUS that we

overcome the without, within.”

~ from The Secret Teachings of Mary Magdalene

Claire Nahmad & Margaret Bailey

Gospel of Mary ~ Lost Verses pages 1-5

And the Lord said:

‘The eye of the vision is within the soul.

Let those who have  the vision see.

Those that would listen, let them hear.

For those that Listen will hear the breath of Silence’

And then the Lord said:

‘Let us return to our true nature.

And I say unto you:

You can open your heart to LOVE.

Love has no bounds.

Love must be unfettered on all levels.

Love does not cry:


as this darkens our very soul.

How can we kill that which we love?

Love does not cry hate.

For how can we hate when

to do so we would hate

ourselves in the same process?

Love does not cry greed.

How can we take more than that

which is the measure of our capacity?

Love does not fear.

How can we fear?

For we know what we fear is not real.

Love does not lust.

How can we grasp after

what we have already?

Love does not envy:

Love knows we have all.

Love does not steal,

as this would take away

the very heart of our giving,

which is Love.

Love does not cry judgement;

Love is not bound

to scales of more or less.

Love is the self-sustainer of its own balance.

How can we judge,

lest we be judged?

Love does not blame.

To be blameless is the true gift.

Love does not discriminate

as discrimination is not the truth.

Love does not lie.

This is just fear to hide behind.

Love transcends ‘ALL’.

The Breath of life is Love.

~ copied from

The Secret Teachings of Mary Magdalene

Claire Nahmad & Margaret Bailey