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Birthday Miracles March 31st, 2012

It’s my son’s birthday today . He is thirteen. All of his proposed birthday plans fell thru but Heaven took over & it’s these small miracles I want to share…

Here he is in between his two sisters on his 1st Birthday.

The elder sister is now 18 and this is the first birthday of his that she is out of town…

He asked me last night very matter of fact :

“Is it right my sister isn’t here?…..I mean is it normal?’

I was sad to say…

‘it’s a sign of growing up… not abnormal… sad for you.

BUT you’ve had her close to you

for every one of your other birthdays……’

(I don’t think it helped too much she was on a choir trip to Disneyland…a place he has never been…although at 13 to say that is not cool to say.)

Of course his eldest sister called first thing this morning so excited to wish him Happy Birthday.

I knew she was feeling sort of out of sorts herself missing his Birthday & being at Disneyland without him…

Here she is taken right around the first & last time she visited Disneyland…17 years ago ~ Weeks before the visit she sang ‘Let’s Go Fly a Kite’ ~ (Robert Sherman & Richard Sherman) from Mary Poppins…

& when we finally got to Disneyland she wanted to fly a kite ~ “Kite! Kite! Fly!”, she screamed with joy.

It wasn’t too long before ‘It’s A Small World’ grabbed her attention though

Dancing Dollies, flying kites…& Singing…

you can imagine.

 So back to my son’s birthday.

This is him drawing with charcoal at about two years of age.

I encouraged free expression in my children

from picking their clothes, to dressing up,

to toys, to art, to eating

and to express their emotions.

So when his friend had to cancel  birthday plans today because he was grounded for not doing his homework he was able to express himself by saying,

“There is nothing else I want to do…”

GULP I felt….

oh my gosh!

Birthdays were easier when they were little.

About an hour of  serious moping &

‘will he do this or will he do that’

combined with all negatives in his replies of nahs

& nopes his Middle sister age 16 came to me & him~

“Come to the park with me”, she said to a blank response…

“My pretty friends will be there……..”

And then with a new light in his eye & a smile from your average 13 yr old boy he jumped up very cool , “Alright!”

& then sad again…”Wish our big sister was here”.

After a moment of his 16 yr old sister contemplating & busily texting her girlfriends all the while me holding my breath in prayer she says,”Let’s go fly a kite!”

For a moment I was stunned trying to recollect the meaning of that request….

His face grew into the largest smile I had seen in a long time…. His eyes alit with playful joy.

‘Fly a kite’ I thought…. ‘Hmmmm….’ & then as scratchy memories often do ~ my eldest away daughter as a pre-toddler, laughter, kites, disneyland, her singing & then my mind opened memories of a new kite in a packet in a drawer….somewhere… but where?

Then  the memory of a smile of the kind woman whom has a similar devotion to Divine Mother as I… the memory was she handing me a brand new kite for my kids a few years ago ~

Then a memory of a drawer with a kite in the back of drawer…..

I said nothing & went to look in a drawer in my bureau…. at the back of the first drawer I opened I saw glistening foil paper…

I put my hand in back and pulled out the foil wrapped parcel…. A KITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not just any kite….

A genormous inflatable foil Mickey Mouse Kite from Disneyland!!!!!!!

Wait a sec… It’s the other sister who is in Disneyland right now that used to sing this song ~ the one he is missing so much today…. Oh my…….  I brought the wrapped kite to them and told them the story of their older sister singing.. (they attend all of her high school musicals & listen intently to her gorgeous voice all around the house)

God is Good.

In memory of Robert B. Sherman

(December 19, 1925 – March 6, 2012)

Thank You for all the music you

& your brother Richard shared

for so many generations

of children & adults.

You both must be Earth Angels.

Love, Rory &   her kids