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Heaven on Earth

Hand It Up To Heaven


Handing it all up to Heaven Helps

Create Heaven on Earth for You.

Breathe deep sighs of relief & relaxation…

Peace is all yours. 

Ten Minute Yoga for the Soul

Find a quiet place.

Play soothing music.

Position yourself how you are comfortable.

Take a moment to relax ~ then close your eyes.

Take three deep breaths, filling your tummy.

Be aware this is your time to spend in the presence.

Let your breath fall to its natural rhythm.

Think to yourself ~

‘Every breath I breathe

I breathe in love.’


‘With Every step I take…

                                I step in to the presence’


‘With Every smile I honor creator.’


‘Every hand movement,

                                              I move in presence

                                                                           of Creator!

Gently I caress

I seek to feel…..’

Feel as you gently move your hands…

Feel the ripples of energy surrounding you

Gently dipping your hand into the pool of life.


Feel the flow of the pond….


Breathe deep into your tummy,

Wiggle Your Toes,

Breathe Out ALL Stress,

Notice the Heavenly Light

that is throughout your body

As you are honored back.

Become one!

Blessings of Healings


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