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To Lands beyond your wildest dreams!

To lands beyond your wildest dreams 

Where the heart Soars!

Angels come to show the way!

To the lands you make; Please Please Please believe. 

For Eden is her name!


We, are made for our living God’s pleasure! 

A delight you should and can see! 

Where fairies roam.

They tend to her needs!

The Fairy could be you?

To the land

Where Angels play 

The angel could be you? 

Please Please Please See!

Awake, Shine,

Be true to your own Heart!

To thine heart be true!

Follow your heart!

Attune to the frequency 

Of love

And you will see!


For truth is all there can be!

The door is open!

The time!


That’s up to you!

The Garden of your heart Awaits! 

Your dreams are your reality!

The reality of who you are!

As on earth as in heaven!

As in heaven could be as on earth!

“you are creator”

“Build it they will come”


Our holy father can do that 

did you not know?


you take one step towards your heart god takes ten towards you!


Winds of love

The wind of love surrounds me. 

Your ever lasting breath.

Washing my woes away.

I feel you my heavenly father.



With acceptance and Gratitude




I thank you for my breath.



my untainted connection to your love. 



With every breath you fill me my father.




I’m Grateful there is no escape.


You surround me my heavenly father.

For each step I take, 

I step in to your love.


For my heart knows no other way.


“Breath of life I bow to you”