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‘Prayer & Meditation’ Mother Mary

♥ May you be blessed with gifts of prayer & meditation ♥

In deep prayer you call us by emitting your feelings & thoughts in beams of energy ♥

In deep meditation we answer you by shining feelings, thoughts, visions & sometimes just plain healing silence to you that allows your mind, body & soul to relax & rejuvenate ♥

‘Ask & it is given’ reveals the mystery that by you accepting in complete faith that you already have what you ask for when you ask for it the creation energy is multiplied in many manners of dimension ~ a pre~existing miracle guaranteed in the best manner Heaven can create with all other pliable souls on Earth.

The difference between please heal me & in humility I am healed is that the first statement leaves doubt in your faith where the second statement thought, image, creation leaves no doubt that you are perfectly whole, complete & healed. It may take some time for the physical molecules to catch up with the etheric molecules but they do when your Faith remains constant’ ♥

Blessed Mother