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My heart soul mind and body belong to you.

I Love You.

Archangel Chamuel & Archeia Charity

Ever present Archangel Chamuel

of the 3rd divine ray of pink in all

its shades is the deliverer of

the Divine’s Love energy.

His Heavenly Light has the ability to pour

loving essence into everyone & everything.

Layers & layers of divine pink light

bless & transform dense

heavy energy of sorrow.

Deep ruby pink rays of light, cool

and dissipate all energies

of anger & pain.

His Divine Soul twin is Archeia Charity.

The Divine Couple LOVES to be called upon

to assist & intervene. They send Love & Charity to

the smallest of communication misunderstandings

to the greatest communication misunderstandings.

They sow LOVE energy into all…

saturating all molecules with

Love of Divine.

Call on them to assist transforming

& dissipating all energies that

are not of Love.


Beloved Archangel Chamuel & Archeia Charity

I call on you to invoke your

Heavenly Healing light

to surround and bless us.

I humbly ask you

to remove all energies,

thought & actions that

are not of Heaven’s love.

I realise this may

necessitate Miraculous intervention.

I have full faith that

your divine Love can

& will intervene.

I have full trust that

no transforming task

is too small for you

nor is any

transforming task too large

for you to successfully transcend

all earthly circumstances &

transform these circumstances

with fierce Love energy

to counteract any & all selfish acts,

counteract all spiteful acts,

counteract all actions

committed out of fear.

Show mercy & charity to those

in pain & fear.

Give them no other choice

but to drink from

God’s fountain of Love Divine.

Beautiful Divine agent of God & Heaven

beloved Archangel bestowed

with Heaven’s Love &

beloved Archeia Charity blessed

with Heaven’s Divine mercy

Return my mind, heart,

soul & body to pure innocence.

Restore my faith & diligence

during my earthly stay.

~angelslightworldwide 2012