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Path of the Spiritual Warrior

Our Living Father 

Our Living Lord

Holy Spirit

Want you to know the truth….

but you must seek!

Turn to your Heart

 Our Heavenly Father has many Angels

in his command

Ask him to show you the path!

The Path

Of the


A path only the brave can go!

For your enjoyment!!

Sing &Dance

with your Spirit!


In the Glory of the great I am 

Dedicated to the tribes of the Americas

Thank you  Deborah

The Wonderment of Heaven

Angels serve to show us the glory


wonderment of Heaven

Seek with your eyes

At the wonderment around you

Let us show you

We are by your side!

Feel with your Heart

the love that surrounds you



will be all you will know!

Accepting the Love

that is showered

upon you



 will disappear!


lives within retrieving our innocence

To be the Angels we were born to be!

Dedicated to Cecily


Call on 

Archangel Uriel 

Brings the ray of Salvation,

Unconditional forgiveness


Releases painful memories of the past.

Uriel is signified by the color ray of

gold, purple with ruby flecks…

“God is my light”

Uriel also holds the key to the pit.

He offers humanity’s path to oneness ~

in turn you are invited to share his teachings with others

So all may know the peace and love of our heavenly Father

reach out with your heart 

To feel what only the LOVE you have inside 

can know as truth ~

The truth of who you are ~

God’s Children.

Reach out with your heart

Build that bridge to what is real

know the grace 

of our living

Divine Mother Maria

 Go where the heart can only go 

know the love that 



With every breath 

Feel his peace.

Build the bridge 


your heart divine 

to heaven’s

Heart divine 

Build a bridge to what is real


you will know 


Call on

Archangel Gabriel

who works on the white ray of grace and purification.

Archangel Gabriel 

Will aid you in the task of releasing

fears & burdens  

of the Heart ~

for a heavy heart can not cross the bridge to life.

Allow Archangel Gabriel 

to fill your soul with





With hope anything is possible.

Decide clearly what it is you want


Have Faith.

Our living God will provide –

Seek through your heart 


you will find me……

plead for Heaven’s Help

have patience for the hand of God

to reach down for your assistance

during these troubled times.

Heaven is always here…

as sure as our world turns.

Know without a doubt that this is true.


He came to lead the way

His teachings

Very simple…

one word


of the one

Living God

A God that surrounds us

a living God that is within us all

for each of us has a divine heart ~

Seek & you will find

The living God

inside you

The Holy Grail


Holy Grail

The lord of lords led the way!

He died because we sinned in

not following the word given to him to teach us.

Why won’t you follow




Serving the one

living God



Let our Holy Father teach you your Divine purpose.

Ask and it is given