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HONEYSUCKLE ~ The Rose Ministry

Honeysuckle flowers resemble an intertwined couple and in lore are considered the living symbol for LOVE.  Not much compares to the romantic, sensuous, sweet scent of HONEYSUCKLE warmed by the sun on the side of a country road ~ a fragrance that reputedly induces dreams of passionate romance. Even its pastel color cream glows warm and irresistible ~ A promise of marriage within a year can be divined when Honeysuckle is brought into a home.

Honeysuckle grows prolifically wild around the world and is a favourite of bees and hummingbirds. Many of us that had some time spent in the countryside learned from our mothers how to gently pick the honeysuckle flower and suck the sweet dabble of nectar hidden within.

Maybe what we didn’t realise was that HONEYSUCKLE flowers, nectar and leaves contain some of the highest anti~bacterial and anti~viral ORAC scores in the world & is one of the oldest known medicinal herbs to man ~ and bees of course. 

Through out time honeysuckle has been used successfully to treat everything from snake bites, urinary infections, lung congestion, dysentery, rheumatoid arthritis, wounds, flu, ulcers, acute hepatitis, menstrual cramps and fever during childbirth. It also is used to kill major infection bacteria: staph, strep & salmonella. 

Honeysuckle is supreme at purging & cleansing poisons from the human body. It also has an energy ‘cooling’ effect and is used medicinally to treat conditions caused by summer heat, ‘fire entities’ & infection.

All parts of the flower & stem can be used to make syrup, tea, decoction, elixir or puddings if you aren’t sure about the side of the road Honeysuckle tasting.

Lonicera }Honeysuckle, Jin Yin Hua, Woodbine, Goat's Leaf { 'COLD, DRY,SWEET & BITTER' >cooling, immune system, expectorant, diuretic, ANTI spasmodic, ANTI viral ANTI bacterial, ANTI inflammatory, nerve tonic, stimulates uterus, skin astringent, lymph drainage < :::GOOD FOR: Stomach, lungs, liver, skin, immune system::: }buds, flowers, leaves, stem, root { *** Inositol, luteolin, tannins ***

Recent studies show it has an effect on cancers ~ especially breast cancers. There are also preliminary indications of Honeysuckle’s ability to suppress & treat AIDS. It’s major constituent Inositol has been used extensively on treating lung cancer ~ it does not eradicate lung cancer but does arrest its development.

In energy healing Honeysuckle can be used to increase the flow of energy meridians ~ & can also allow release of tension or anxiety ~ allowing us to be in the ‘moment’.


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