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Always Waiting

 We are always waiting there for you….

Whenever you are feeling lost

or in the dark,

call on Heaven’s Angels….

We will give you the light of clarity

& the water of love.

Heaven on Earth

Hand It Up To Heaven


Handing it all up to Heaven Helps

Create Heaven on Earth for You.

Breathe deep sighs of relief & relaxation…

Peace is all yours. 

Heavenly Medicine

Ever notice that our Creator placed beautiful sweet fragrant flowers on fruits that are potent medicines for us?* Sometimes our life lessons are like this.


Creator’s medicine can be disguised as something with bitter tough skin….

We are often attracted to it from afar ~ sometimes it is instinct & sometimes it is pure beauty ~

Orange Tree



When we receive the medicine we are sometimes confused with its tough bitter skin, but our instinct & inspiration guide us to open the medicne….


and what we find inside is the sweetest juiciest tastiest medicine of all.

and then eventually we discover a further lesson from our creator….. The Strongest medicine is not the tough bitter skin nor is it the juicy sweet fruit…

The strongest medicine is the velvet soft, firm not too spicy ~ not too sweet lining of the skin that protects the fruit and helps nourish the sweetness with sunlight.

* note not all fruit and flower bearing trees have edible fruit. If unsure about the type of fruit please check online or elsewhere before eating or drinking in case of toxicity. Always follow your Doctors advice.

Blessings from Above

Blessings from Above.

Heavenly Blessings come in many forms.

This day October 4th, 2011 brought us special affirmation for our path ~

The number 7 in the sky surrounded by Violet Light or Yod ~ Y for Yod also Yeshua ~

as we stood on a small plateau overlooking the desert

and dry lake in the high desert.

Thank you Heaven for this sign that we are on your path.