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Heaven’s Angels of Marriage

♥ ‘May your marriages be blessed by the Angels of Marriage ♥

Archangel Chamuel, Guardian Angel Vehuia


the Archangel Sophia bless marriages that are rocky

with the purest of white light from

the Holy Spirit & God’s Will

♥ Marriage is Sacred in Heaven ♥

Sacred White Light is served by all of God’s Angels

with different aspects

♥ Sacred White Light carries both Alpha & Omega energies

married by the pink frequency of heart love

& is often used in answer to prayer callings w

here marriage is involved ♥

The combination of these lights quickly dissolves

imagined conflict into balanced understanding

between man & woman ♥

Sacred white light also dissolves potential

intruders of a marriage ♥

The Angels of marriage can also be asked

to clear the path to each other if you have not met’

♥ LOVE ♥ (((xoxoxo))),

The Angels of Marriage

Guardian Angel Vehuia of Romance & Heroism

 Angel Vehuia (Deus Exaltator) for blessings ♥

A Seraphim Angel of love & wisdom in creation power that grants

reconciling energy to anything

deflated & completion of all that started ♥

Vehuia is also a guardian Angel of romantic love

in the sense that he rebirths LOVE as if it is

the first love again and again when it is pure love ~ ♥

Vehuia grants strong

romantic love,






adorable emotional success

even after bitter arguments of childlike emotions ~

Vehuia helps in relationships where both or one of the partners

is going thru inner child healing ~

Vehuia blesses loyal monogamous relationships with commitment

Vehuiah reveals to those ready the door to Divinity by opening the eyes of their soul to the 

~ Heroism is Vehuiah’s cause ~

in love, divinity, potential victims

those that have lost hope


are in despair. ♥

Vehuiah asks us to beckon when depression occurs

so that fresh love, energy and divinity

is restored in our souls.

Vehuiah uses aqua colour frequencies

but usually a deep orange gold to heal & grant courage ~

Vehuiah also uses a deep magenta pink that is also

recognised as ruby to reconcile love

Carnelian stone is associated with Vehuiah 

Vehuiah  Guardian Angel & Guiding Influential Angel

of those born between March 21 – March 25th ~ aquamarine

~Spring ~ Rebirth ~ Resurrection ♥

Thank You Guardian Angel Vehuia

my beautiful Angel for all you do for so many