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Full Moon

Full Moon magnetism draws stale

& dense energy away from our Aura

& also Earth’s energy field.

Just as world tides of great seas

ebb & flow in powerful currents

so does the high percentage

of water in our bodies.

The coming of the full moon

is a time to shed

the old & renew with faith…

You are not alone…

~ we all feel it ~

Float free with the divine current of humanity clearing.

Breathe deep through any emotions being released.

Let everything breathe a big let go….

Patience, Tolerance & Respect


With Solar Flares,

Mercury (The Messenger)

in Retrograde and

an approaching Full Moon

in Dynamic Leo

We are ALL asked to

PLEASE be especially





to each other.

While experiencing

Mercury Retrograde

we are not to expect

mishaps of communication

BUT they may occur

in dynamic flare~ups…

Take heed with

all quick decisions

and emotional magnification

~ accept that some of us

are powerless under

the Universal influences.