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The Many Faces of Ego

Are far to base to be benign.

Far too pompous to be sublime.

Enslaving some of the best spiritual warriors

whose eyes now glow with the wrong light

Made up of Earthly impulses

transformed only through ‘prayer’.

Gentle sweet Angelic Love

Heaven’s vortex of Holy Spirit

healing Light can purify all

Into gracefull LOVE…

Adoring the Sacred Feminine

in all of her divine… 

Nourishing the Sacred Masculine

in all his divine…   

softening man’s anger….

softening woman’s anger too

as they are equal in gifts of each other

differences balancing each other

 Sacred Compliments of a perfect fit

birthing all that is of Heaven…

Path of Gold

To wake up in the Garden of Eden, as an awoken spirit, where trees open their eyes and look on in wonder and ask is this the time?

Then gently falling back to sleep.

In the Garden of Eden, a garden that is walked today by millions of people that do not see, that cannot see the illusion they walk in for the tree of knowledge will not let them see what is before their very eyes where competition is the game.

Our trees are alive

Where many religious dare to have faith in more, but have failed to see what is real, failed to pass on the teachings of love. Minister from a book that has and continues to be manipulated. How can a Minister teach about love with no love in his heart? With out the presence of a living god in his heart? How can he teach the path of the brave when he is fearful and can not follow with his own heart? I do not tar all individuals with the same brush, nor do I serve blame. For all that choose the path of peace are awarded glory in the Kingdom of Heaven. I have lived many lives, fought great battles, walked the path you walk now. No my brothers and sisters I do not proportion blame.

For such is life in the tree of knowledge. The garden of today! The garden that we created. We give Praise. We worship the brave souls that freed themselves from the grip of this illusion.

Soldiers & brave warriors of peace, that shown a beacon of their love for all to follow. That eternal torch that beats inside all.

Around and around we go….

life~ death~rebirth

all the while our spirits grow in wisdom. Wisdom to break free from the restraints of a thinking mind.

A mind that is unknowingly engulfed in guilt, fear, unworthiness and hatred of themself  and others.Where they use love as control of the one & all they supposedly love. Where greed is rampant so is betrayal a common place  and war is sought after. But yet the mind still denies that it is ill!

“Tradition!” it shouts.

Is it any surprise that The Christ was crucified? Is it any surprise that the awoken spirit of others is greeted with contempt as they run like children to share the good works, revelations of love made known to them? Is it any surprise that The Christ is denied time and time again? For the thinking mind is Satan’s playground. A playground for him and his legion.

The trickster weaves his magic.

Dare no one follow the ones that laid the path of gold ~ the path to the glory of our living God. To the ones that see: “I’ll give them MY truth!”,  he orders his legion, “You are supreme! You see spirit.  There is nothing more! There are no Angels. You are equal to the one living God! God! Hey you are God!”; If you must persist in this folly of your spirit…. There is no path of gold”, he smirks… “That will keep them busy, let them argue among themselves.” For such is the way in the Garden of Eden, created within the tree of knowledge. “War? There is no war… It is human to war… necessary… now get up and do what you hate for the love of paper. Hurt, destroy, kill… anything but love. Keep them unaware.”


Words placed in an order that bypass Satan’s grip and shout out to the soul, “LOVE!” Wisdom you have within your beating divine heart. At this time your soul is the brave of the brave. Souls of old you come to fight the war of peace. You are CO-creator ~ yes! You can create paradise on earth ~ yes!

So fight the good fight ~ the gentle kindness of love that creates and does not destroy. Restore her to her glory ~ This is the only real war! A battle against Satan ~ Command & shout forth, ” The Lord rebukes you Satan…

 A war of your spirit in the land of spirit! Be a winner…

choose LOVE & kindness

As On Earth, As In Heaven

North Korea’s military warned on Monday of imminent “special actions” that would reduce South Korea’s conservative government to ashes within minutes, sharply escalating the rhetoric against its southern rival & Anyone that supports them.

These WORDS come from a monstrous ego’s insanity…

And YES!!!! Satan is rocking laughing in his play ground of trickery –

A playground of Fear!

A fear that has no substance!


There is inspirational hope hidden in one of

the forbidden books of the Bible: The Keys of Enoch

‘Behold, now the marvelous plan taking place 

among the children of (heavenly) light…

A divine plan has been issued to balance the earth’s ( and man’s)violation of the cosmic law of Light and Love.

This plan has been issued to negate man’s and destruction  of his atmosphere and his radiation fields especially through his misuse of atomic energy. He has also caused destruction to many biological kingdoms on his planetary life station known as Earth.

Man has shown that he has lost control of his planet by virtue of the  danger he not only presents to himself but  to the surrounding planetary environments by his pursuit of atomic energy for destructive use.

In addition, the councils that govern our planetary field have also observed man’s desire to extend his planetary society to other planetary regions with out spiritual understanding and still using a technology of death.’


There are consequences for our action’s… Free will is not free.

On earth, as is in Heaven. 

Living a life on earth can be hurtful, no one can dispute that. It is the

life we created, generation after generation, Every morning we wake

in the land of Eden, our world that has been influenced  by Satan.

Ego….Satan’s play ground!

The Tree of Knowledge rather than nature’s Tree of Life

The Tree of Knowledge –

an influence that has manipulated

religions, governments & people

throughout the ages &

turned mankind into slaves! 


I recently told my teenage Stepson when his peers where dabbling,

 “It takes a man to stand on his own and say no”

(Something most parents can relate to.)

“It takes courage to be the individual

and take responsibility for

one’s own life,

one’s own eternal soul,

one’s own light vibration!

And now I say the above to China, North Korea, Iran and our world leaders… 

“It takes a man to stand on his own and say no!!!!


Don’t send your children to war ~

They are your future… our future!

Show leadership, Show strength, Show love!”

Failing that….

It is down to the individual to say no!


Age of the Holy Spirit


As the Old Testament is of the Father,  the New Testament is of the Son ~ right now is the age and Testament of the Holy Spirit ~ the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

Tumult is always expressed during times of change: we are creatures of habit whose minds cling to what we think we know passed through generations.

Resistance to this age of our Holy Spirit has been anticipated & expected ~ as with every evolution resistance swings far in one direction and then the opposite direction before mediating to common ground.

Resistance to the individuals who are awakening to this age is also expected & has been anticipated by experts for many years. Resistance has been written in both Old & New Books.

For the many of us that have awakened we never confuse or impose a restriction on our Holy Spirit within mandates of any religion although aspects of the Holy Spirit do exist, reside and flourish in many religions. The evolution is eclectic and the process of sifting through & threshing the grain has long been in progress.

Take♥ a few moments to ponder that you are more than you think you are… Egotistical?  No.

Ego is a result of our true nature being repressed into a tin can pressure cooker that is pinging energy at the sides screaming look at me in response to being admonished by false power in our spirituality.

Knowing that we as Heaven’s creations are truly marvelous and taking the time out to ponder is a practice good for nourishing our own soul and showing gratitude to our maker. Yes gratitude. Do we make a list of things we don’t like about gifts given to us and say to the giver,  “I don’t like this, this & this”? Or do we rejoice in what we have received showing our thanks in joy and saying ,”Thank you for blessing me”?

Many of us understand religions of this world have failed our Holy Divine Father. Some of us still seek solace in the plush skirts of religions. It is comfortable to stay with what we know and the wisest do not wish to throw the baby out with the bath water. But ALL of us want the truth – An authentic relationship with Heaven.

Seek with your Heart ~ We are all ♥connected to Divine Holy Father, the Divine Holy Mother & the Ministries of Heaven whether we want to believe it or not . We either flow with this connection or fight against the connection.

Choose to love your self, your spouse, your brother, your sister, your neighbor, your foe.

Sounds simple but it is only for those brave enough to let go…. let go & grow. Allow the Holy Spirit to cleanse & rejuvenate your spirit ~ every ocean is fed fresh water from flowing sources to keep it from stagnation ~ the flow of the Holy Spirit feeds us all. The Holy Spirit is the giver of life. ~ channeled through Brian November 2011 11/11 copyright @ 2011 AngelslightWorldwide