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Path of the Spiritual Warrior

Our Living Father 

Our Living Lord

Holy Spirit

Want you to know the truth….

but you must seek!

Turn to your Heart

 Our Heavenly Father has many Angels

in his command

Ask him to show you the path!

The Path

Of the


A path only the brave can go!

For your enjoyment!!

Sing &Dance

with your Spirit!


In the Glory of the great I am 

Dedicated to the tribes of the Americas

Thank you  Deborah

United States of America

“Defining a nation” 

Being the pioneers of love 

The road to the ultimate self 

Pioneers of freedom and liberty 

For all

Are children of a living god 

Under great duress

The brave have the ability

To show mercy

Angels come to aid us all in the  virtue of Mercy 

This requires us all to forgive 

Forgiveness of brother to brother  

Forgiveness of state to state 

forgiveness of nation to nation 

Forgiveness  starts

With the forgiveness of self  

See the good inside one’s self &

you will see the good in others.

Offer your pains and difficulties

to heaven up above  

To aid in this task

Forgiveness frees the soul

of a


Each soul has been

given the gift of love 


The freedom of choice 

To use it or not 

“There are no excuses”


For the highest good of a nation 

Eliminates the desire of the ego to win 

No endeavors of cooperation goes unrewarded


promotes Peace & Harmony 

Among men

Among women

Among States 

Among Nations

Facing a life with Adventure

Seeing life through the eyes of a child 

Means letting Go of past learned behavior 

Behaviors that are not needed anymore  

Explore and delight at the

wonders of a great nation & great world 

Like a child explores the Garden 

With out fear


Opens the door for the universe

to shower you with more gifts 

Gratitude is the virtue of virtues 

 I give thanks


Every breath I have 

connecting with the land 

Connecting with the

ancient wisdom’s of many cultures 

Spending time with family and friends 

Develops the family unit 

solidifies & Heals a nation 

clears a cluttered mind

Develops the divine heart all have 

Allows for emotional Healing

Brings in new visions

New directions

For All to 


And above all

Brings in self awareness 

For a people

Under the one living God


leads the way

Petals of Love

Allowing our angels to wash away our fears!


As sprinkle’s of heavenly light …

petals of light….

Fill your soul!


To show you how truly beautiful you are!!

For each Leaf is an angel that loves you more than you know…

let them carry you through life!

You’re Beautiful

The Sunshine of Love

nourishes our heart & soul…

when filled with love we blossom 

into velvet petals of divinity…

rich in color, layers of heaven…

magnificent to be around.

You’re beautiful.

Magical Tree

Magical Tree

Most believe that ‘magic’ is attainable by a select few ~ Magic is everywhere on Earth ~ Majestic Creation is the supreme expression of Divinity in a tangible form for us to see, touch, hear & taste ~ Heaven’s Gifts to us all.