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Awoken Heart

As we awake to our heart’s wisdom.

A wisdom that is in it’s infancy 

sometimes one can feel like every thing around them is falling to the way side.

Angels remind us that you are protected at all times,  

Through times of uncertainty. 

Call on them to guide you to safer shores!

Paradise awaits! 

The Great eagle sees far and wide



Breath in your connection to wisdom

Breath in your connection to Gaia!

This will Aid you in life!

You are loved so very much!


Angels In The Sky

Angels In The Sky

Sometimes in the midst of our most human doubt we hang our heads down in seemingly beaten oppression ~ Often if we lift our heads and look up to the sky Heaven has left unmistakable reminders for us that we are loved & not alone ~ Heaven hears our every silent groan & answers with HOPE ~ Have FAITH ~ Everything is Perfect in Heaven’s Time ~