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Victorious Heaven

Dream until your heart dances with joy

Washing your spirit with

Holy Water of Faith…

Letting all that is heavy fly free….

with a breath of transforming love…

Victorious Heaven….

God’s Greatest Song

While you lay sleeping…

all your fences are down…

your spirits rise

to a dance of your soul….

free floating….

you meet in

the shimmering silence

of a soul kiss……

filled in depth with

the beating heart of true romance…

hold back no more…

ride free…

let go of any fear of rejection…

know that you belong to each other…

know that you are LOVE…

expect nothing less than love….  

as your spirits dance in the light of love…

delight in its never ending circle…

entwined through spheres of LOVE…

dance dance………

look lovingly into each others

eyes of your soul…

feel mother nature

embrace you

as you recognise


find each other

in each others eyes of forever…




your are destiny for each other……

All is LOVE…

Love shields you….

Love is you…..

Fly free beloved lovers….

Join in Unison with

God’s greatest song.

Dance Movement




Musical frequencies help release dense energy from our souls…


Dancing helps shift those released energies out of our realm…..


so that they may be transformed to purity….


By Heavenly Angels


First Dance of Twin Flame Love

We climbed each other’s trellis

we had woven to the stars –

Spiraled double helixes

of violet amber haze…..

Roses of divinity –

fragrant full of bloom –

served their ethereal purpose…

Enticing our hearts

like a magnet of the moon.

Sensitive to previous plunder

we carefully placed our foot

On self-sufficient boundaries

bending at our sway –

Scaling walls of time –

our rocks’ sharpness

grazing each old scars

sacred blood light washing

over us

falling deep into an entwining spiral velvet pool.

Lives past and present

around our souls’ 

guarded jewel of forever –

dominion in Heaven’s realm.

we danced

we loved

we laughed

we cried

we begged for mercy

from our self-reflections

looking glass

until we melded into

one & separate –

a unity of us.

– aurora angelslightworldwide@2011

Archangel Chamuel & Archeia Charity


Come swim in my goldness pink light of Love

Feel it saturate your every essence with soothe

Fly amongst the Ethers we breathe

Meld yourself to our likeness

Fluid aqualine devotion

Embers of your soul

Alight alight your Heart beloveds

Dance in our pure divine

Breathe us in completely

Spiral thru our breath

Touch our deep caress

Let us fill you so…

Aurora from Chamuel and Charity 10/15/11