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Sunshine of Love

 Return to the vision of love for earth…

our Eden.

The greatest service we can do

for each other is share LOVE….

Hold your head up & SHINE!

Every Star


Every star shines it’s own color light and also melds its light with other stars’ to create unique portraits…

Life here on Earth is the same…

We each shine our own light & meld with each other to create unique portraits…

Shine! Shine for yourself, shine for others & shine for Heaven…

Full Moon

Full Moon magnetism draws stale

& dense energy away from our Aura

& also Earth’s energy field.

Just as world tides of great seas

ebb & flow in powerful currents

so does the high percentage

of water in our bodies.

The coming of the full moon

is a time to shed

the old & renew with faith…

You are not alone…

~ we all feel it ~

Float free with the divine current of humanity clearing.

Breathe deep through any emotions being released.

Let everything breathe a big let go….